‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’ New Music Videos – N°667

Here are the brand new videos that amused, puzzled and sometimes shocked us, these past days. Beware (possibly) NSFW

55 . Afgan – Shallow Water

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Afgan, also known as Afgansyah Reza, is a prominent Indonesian pop and R&B artist. He gained recognition with the debut album “Confession No.1” (2008) and international presence with “Wallflower” (2021). Afgan‘s versatility shines through his music, blending rock, soul, R&B, and jazz influences, along with successful collaborations with other artists.
Music video directed by : Shadtoto Prasetio

M.I.A (W/ Jackson Wang) (2021)

54 . Dead Astronauts – Erase Me

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Dead Astronauts is a synthwave/synthpop project formed by Jared Kyle Nickerson and Hayley Stewart in 2011. Their music features a blend of synthwave and synthpop elements, contributing to their unique sound within the genre.
Music video directed by : Michael Williamson – Song featured on the album : Ghosts

To Find Her (2022)

53 . The Monolith Deathcult – The Demon Who Makes Trophies Of Men

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Dutch metal band The Monolith Deathcult formed in 2002, evolving their style from brutal death metal to atmospheric death metal with electronic influences.
Music video directed by : Aimed & Framed

Matadorrrr (2022)

52 . Hamferð – Ábær

Date Added : févr 3, 2024

Hamferð is a Faroese doom metal band from Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, formed in 2008. The band’s name refers to an apparition, representing the image of a person facing death, appearing before his or her loved ones as an omen. Hamferð‘s music is known for its emotional depth and atmospheric intensity, making them a significant presence in the doom metal genre.
Music video directed by : Gaui H Pic – Song featured on the album : Men Guðs Hond Er Sterk

Frosthvarv (2017)

46 . Nishina – Bugs

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

Nishina, a Japanese singer-songwriter, emerged in the music scene in 2017, known for her expressive vocals and poignant lyrics. Previously with oboroge records until 2020, she signed with Warner Music Japan in 2021 under agency RED. Nishina‘s music, often communicated through colors to describe song images, showcases a deep desire for connection with her audience, embodying tranquility and turmoil.
Music video directed by : Groupn

The First Take (2022)

45 . Dog Race – It’s The Squeeze

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

Dog Race, an emerging band from Bedford, UK, known for their art-goth sound and singles like “Terror.” Their music, blending gothic and electronic elements, has gained attention for its haunting live sound and vocalist Katie Healy’s range. With influences from Kraftwerk to Bauhaus, Dog Race‘s unique sound and mysterious DIY shows in London have built a significant buzz, especially with their single “There’s A Mouse In My House.”
Music video directed by : Dougie Chalmers

44 . Declan McKenna – Mulholland’s Dinner And Wine

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

Declan McKenna, born December 24, 1998, in England, is an indie pop singer-songwriter who gained fame winning Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Competition in 2015. Known for socially conscious songs like “Brazil,” his debut album “What Do You Think About the Car?” showcases his songwriting. McKenna’s work, including the 2020 album “Zeros,” blends melodic pop with indie rock, addressing political and social themes.Song featured on the album : What Happened To The Beach?

Brazil (2017)

43 . Christophe Willem – Comme Un Pantin

Date Added : févr 2, 2024

Christophe Willem, born August 3, 1983, in France, won “Nouvelle Star” in 2006. His debut album “Inventaire” achieved double platinum in France. Willem, known for hits like “Double Je,” blends pop with dance and electronic elements. He has participated in “Les Enfoirés” since 2008 and served as a judge on “X Factor” France.
Music video directed by : Ruby Cicero & Nicolas Salis – Song featured on the album : Panorama

Double Je (2016)

46 . bbno$ – BPOT [Bills Paid On Time]

Date Added : févr 1, 2024

Canadian rapper bbno$ (Alexander Leon Gumuchian) gained fame with “Lalala” alongside Y2K, amassing over 700 million streams. Born June 30, 1995, in Vancouver, he has released albums like “Recess” and collaborated with artists internationally.

Lalala (2019)

45 . Revocation – The Grip Tightens

Date Added : févr 1, 2024

Boston-based Revocation, formed in 2006, excels in technical death/thrash metal with albums like “Empire of the Obscene” and “Netherheaven.” Known for complex compositions and virtuosic guitar work by Berklee alum Dave Davidson, they’ve remained influential through lineup changes.
Music video directed by : David Brodsky – Song featured on the album : Revocation’S Teratogenesis Ep

Vanitas (2019)

44 . LNA – Manic (w/ Madanii)

Date Added : févr 1, 2024

German artist Elena Steri, also known as LNA, transitioned from indie-folk to electronic indie-pop, showcasing her effective songwriting and emotive voice since 2019. Her work, including the project “reset,” blends organic samples with compelling lyrics, establishing her as a rising talent in the electronic indie-pop scene.
Music video directed by : Ellen Trenn

43 . Loren Kramar – Glovemaker

Date Added : févr 1, 2024

Loren Kramar, emerging from Los Angeles, crafts music with dramatic melodies and a critique of fame, drawing comparisons to Father John Misty. Known for singles like “Hollywood Blvd,” Kramar’s blend of vocal prowess and art commentary showcases his unique narrative and musical style in the industry.
Music video directed by : Loren Kramar – Song featured on the album : Glovemaker

Maybe (2018)

42 . Hot Chip – Ready For The Floor

Date Added : janv 29, 2024

English synthpop band Hot Chip, formed in 2000, blends alternative dance with introspective lyrics. Known for “The Warning” (2006) and “Made in the Dark” (2008), they’re recognized for energetic live performances. Their discography includes “In Our Heads” (2012) and “Freakout/Release” (2022), showcasing their evolving sound.Song featured on the album : Made In The Dark

Over And Over (2019)

41 . JTB x Benji – Burnt Out

Date Added : janv 29, 2024

JTB X Benji is a collaborative music duo known for their emotionally resonant tracks “Sober” and “Down,” featuring profound explorations of addiction, resilience, and overcoming adversity.
Music video directed by : Dillonmadrid & Imawni

Faithful (W/ Adrian Kiing) (2020)

40 . Calder – Afterlight

Date Added : janv 29, 2024

Calder, also known as εїз, DJ BINEY, mssnger, uwogo, and pharmacy of life, is a versatile artist from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Music video directed by : Junno Pak

39 . Horskh – Do It

Date Added : janv 29, 2024

Horskh, a French band formed in 2009, specializes in Industrial Electro music, blending electro and industrial elements. Their albums include “Gate” (2017), “Wire” (2021), and “Body” (2024).
Music video directed by : Bastien Hennaut – Song featured on the album : Body

Engaged And Confused (2017)

38 . Nadine Shah – Greatest Dancer

Date Added : janv 28, 2024

Nadine Shah, born in 1986 in the UK, is a British singer-songwriter known for her indie pop and dark pop music. She gained prominence with her debut album “Love Your Dum and Mad” and is praised for thought-provoking lyrics and powerful vocals.
Music video directed by : Niall Trask – Song featured on the album : Filthy Underneath

Dreary Town (2013)

37 . Atarashii Gakko! – Toryanse

Date Added : janv 28, 2024

Atarashii Gakko! is a Japanese girl group known for their energetic performances and blend of J-pop and dance-pop. Their music features a fusion of traditional and contemporary influences, creating a distinct and vibrant sound. They are recognized for catchy and lively songs like “NAINAINAI” and “Toryanse.”
Music video directed by : Mess

Nainainai (2020)

36 . Alex Serra – Ale (w/ Sergi Torres)

Date Added : janv 28, 2024

Alex Serra is a Spanish musician known for his debut album “In the Real World” released in 2019. His music is characterized by its soulful and introspective nature, touching on themes of human experience and emotions.
Music video directed by : David Victori

Outter Space (2021)

35 . Papooz – It Hurts Me

Date Added : janv 28, 2024

Papooz is a French indie pop band based in Paris, known for their tropical pop and bossa nova-influenced music. They gained attention with their hit song “Ann Wants To Dance” and have a cheerful and infectious tune. Papooz released albums like “Green Juice” and “Night Sketches.”
Music video directed by : Pablo Padovani – Song featured on the album : Resonate

Ann Wants To Dance (2015)

35 . David Kushner – Skin And Bones

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

David Kushner, born September 6, 2000, in Chicago, Illinois, is an American singer-songwriter. He rose to fame with the viral hit “Miserable Man” in 2022, reaching top charts in multiple countries and earning Gold and Platinum certifications.
Music video directed by : Matthew Vietzke

Miserable Man (2022)

34 . Lil Dicky – I Love Myself

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

American rapper Lil Dicky, born David Andrew Burd in 1988, blends comedy with rap. Rising to fame with “Ex-Boyfriend” in 2013, his debut album “Professional Rapper” featured collaborations with Snoop Dogg and T-Pain. Known for his humorous and unique style, he also created and stars in the TV series “Dave”

Earth (2019)

33 . (Hed) P.E. – Pour My Wine

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

Founded in 1994 by vocalist Jared Gomes and guitarist Wes Geer, and hailing from Huntington Beach, California, (Hed) P.E. is an American rock band known for pioneering the “G-punk” genre—a fusion of gangsta rap and punk rock. So far, they’ve released twelve studio albums.
Music video directed by : Remy Dovianus

Renegade (2008)

32 . L Devine – If I Don’t Laugh I’ll Cry

Date Added : janv 27, 2024

Olivia Rebecca Devine, known as L Devine, born June 21, 1997, in Whitley Bay, England, is a pop and electropop artist. Starting her career in 2017 with Warner Bros. Records, she released EPs “Growing Pains,” “Peer Pressure,” and “Near Life Experience: Part 1.”
Music video directed by : Will Creswick

Like You Like That (2018)

31 . Fat White Family – Bullet Of Dignity

Date Added : janv 26, 2024

Emerging from Peckham, London, in 2011, Fat White Family stands out with their unique blend of post-punk and rock & roll, tinged with a socialist flair. Their 2016 album, “Songs for Our Mothers,” features the renowned track “Whitest Boy on the Beach,” spotlighted in “T2 Trainspotting.” Their 2019 album “Serfs Up!” under Domino Records, is lauded for its innovative singles. The band’s journey, encapsulated in the 2022 biography “Ten Thousand Apologies,” reflects their compelling evolution.
Music video directed by : Niall Trask – Song featured on the album : Forgiveness Is Yours

Whitest Boy On The Beach (2015)

30 . Medium Build – Crying Over U

Date Added : janv 26, 2024

Medium Build, led by Nick Carpenter, is an indie R&B project from Alaska. Starting with “Falling Apart” (2016), Carpenter explores themes like heartbreak and self-confidence. His albums include “softboy” (2018) and “Wild” (2019). The 2022 single “comeonback” highlights friendship and relationships.
Music video directed by : Harrison Shook

Rabbit (2021)

29 . Gabbarein – Ra Rising Sun

Date Added : janv 26, 2024

Gabbarein, formed by Cecilie Hafstad and Christopher Bono, blends rock, ambient, and electronica with shamanic elements. Their debut album, set for 2024, features Hafstad’s Norwegian vocals and Bono’s diverse instrumentation, recorded in a Norwegian fjord.
Music video directed by : Ragnarok Film

28 . Ruth Goller – Below My Skin

Date Added : janv 26, 2024

Ruth Goller, a UK-based musician, is celebrated for her bass work and compositions. Her collaborations include Acoustic Ladyland and Melt Yourself Down. Her debut album “Skylla” features innovative compositions and collaborations with artists like Lauren Kinsella.
Music video directed by : Zak Watson

27 . Cheekface – Life In A Bag

Date Added : janv 22, 2024

Los Angeles-based indie rock band Cheekface, formed in 2017, is known for their talk-singing style and humor-laden lyrics. Albums include “Therapy Island” (2019) and “Emphatically No.” (2021). The band’s unique approach appeals to fans who value humor in music.
Music video directed by : David Combs & Ben Epstein

26 . Kalika – Baby Vampire

Date Added : janv 22, 2024

Emerging French artist Kalika, born Mia Rosello, blends electronic and hyper-pop in her debut album “Adieu les monstres”. Known for raw lyrics and polished production, she addresses themes from her childhood and adulthood.
Music video directed by : Kalika & Mohamed Chabane

Olala (2022)

25 . Raiven – Veronika

Date Added : janv 22, 2024

Slovenian artist Raiven, known for songs like “Črno bel” and “Kaos”, combines mezzo-soprano and pop talents. She participated in EMA and will represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2024. Her album “Magenta” (2017) and EP “REM” (2019) highlight her diverse skills.
Music video directed by : Lukas Zuschlag & Tjaša Barbo

24 . Aurora – The Conflict Of The Mind

Date Added : janv 21, 2024

Aurora Aksnes, known mononymously as Aurora, is a Norwegian singer who delivers a unique blend of dark electro-pop whose debut EP, “Running with the Wolves,” released in May 2015, marked her entry into the international music scene.
Music video directed by : Kaveh Nabatian

Cure For Me (2021)

23 . Dhruv – Tragedy

Date Added : janv 21, 2024

dhruv, an Indian-born, Singaporean-American musician, gained fame with “double take” in 2019. His EP “rapunzel” in 2022 established him in the industry. Dhruv‘s music explores themes of identity and experience as a young, queer Indian man.
Music video directed by : Aboveground

Double Take (2021)

22 . English Teacher – Albert Road

Date Added : janv 21, 2024

Formed in 2020, English Teacher is an indie/post-punk band from Leeds, UK. Their debut EP “Polyawkward” was featured in NME 100. Known for their original sound and Fontaine’s intricate lyrics, they have supported artists like Yellow Days and appeared on “Later… with Jools Holland.”
Music video directed by : Douglas Frost & Sarah Oglesby

Polyawkward (2022)

21 . Meth Math – Cyberia

Date Added : janv 21, 2024

Mexican trio Meth Math, formed by Ángel Ballesteros, Error.Error, and Bonsai Babies, blends IDM and reggaeton. Known for tracks like “Tambaleo” with Sega Bodega, their music features experimental and nightmarish elements, distinct in the underground DIY scene.
Music video directed by : Samantha Menchaca – Song featured on the album : 𝘊𝘩𝘶𝘱𝘦𝘵𝘰𝘯𝘦𝘴

Tambaleo (2021)

20 . Lil Dicky – Hahaha

Date Added : janv 20, 2024

American rapper Lil Dicky, born David Andrew Burd in 1988, blends comedy with rap. Rising to fame with “Ex-Boyfriend” in 2013, his debut album “Professional Rapper” featured collaborations with Snoop Dogg and T-Pain. Known for his humorous and unique style, he also created and stars in the TV series “Dave”
Music video directed by : Phillip R Lopez

Earth (2019)

19 . San Cisco – Summer Days (w/ Nicholas Allbrook)

Date Added : janv 20, 2024

Australian indie pop band San Cisco, formed in 2009 in Fremantle, consists of Jordi Davieson, Josh Biondillo, and Scarlett Stevens. They debuted with Albert Productions and later joined Island Records. Known for “low-fi garage pop” and “bright catchy hooks,” they’ve been nominated at the ARIA Music Awards of 2013 in various categories including Best Video for “Fred Astaire.”
Music video directed by : Levi Cranston – Song featured on the album : Under The Light

Awkward (2011)

18 . The Plot In You – Closure

Date Added : janv 20, 2024

The Plot in You, an American metalcore band from Ohio, began in 2010 with Landon Tewers. They are known for albums like “Could You Watch Your Children Burn,” “Happiness in Self Destruction,” and “Dispose,” showcasing a mix of metalcore, post-hardcore, and alternative metal.

Feel Nothing (2017)

17 . Eloi – Call Me

Date Added : janv 20, 2024

French artist ELOI, debuting in 2022 with “Soleil Mort,” is known for blending minimal wave, 80s German pop, and hyper pop. Her track “On Fait du Rock” previews her upcoming album “Dernier Orage.” ELOI’s music, often exploring themes like youthful disillusionment and love, resonates with her growing fanbase.
Music video directed by : Alexis Langlois – Song featured on the album : Dernier Orage

On Fait Du Rock  (2023)

16 . FunnyMike – Creepy Man In The Attic

Date Added : janv 19, 2024

FunnyMike, real name MacArthur Johnson, born October 8, 1996, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a comedian, rapper, and social media personality. Known for his YouTube channel with over 4.9 million subscribers, he’s also recognized for music released under aliases like 22 Savage.

15 . Games We Play – Girl Shaped Crater

Date Added : janv 19, 2024

Games We Play, a Nashville-based pop-punk band, is known for energetic beats and catchy choruses. Led by frontman Emmyn Calleiro, their song “Story of a Love Song” reflects personal experiences. The band gained popularity on TikTok, notably with “Deadbeat.” Recently signed with Fueled By Ramen and DCD2 Records, their music blends classic pop-punk with modern elements.Song featured on the album : Life’S Going Great

Get A Job (2022)

14 . Haiden – Fresh Blood

Date Added : janv 19, 2024

Haiden, a Los Angeles-based pop artist, began songwriting during the pandemic. His viral TikTok hit “Can”t Hurt Me” led to the success of “Sorry to Your Next Ex,” amassing 15 million streams. Influenced by Alex Turner and Death Cab for Cutie, Haiden‘s “modern pop” style features in his upcoming EP “Choke on My Heart.” His single “Pretty Little Addict” explores themes of toxic relationships and addiction.

Can’T Hurt Me (2022)

13 . X Ambassadors – No Strings

Date Added : janv 19, 2024

X Ambassadors, an American pop rock band from Ithaca, New York, features vocalist Sam Harris and keyboardist Casey Harris. Their 2015 debut album “VHS” includes the hit single “Renegades.” Known for their meaningful lyrics and involvement in social causes, X Ambassadors continue to resonate with fans through their distinctive sound and social activism.
Music video directed by : Daniel Fermín Pfeffer & Carlos Cardona

Unsteady (2015)

12 . Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Hush Hush

Date Added : janv 18, 2024

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, formed in Oakland in 1999, intertwines classical and art-rock, known for their theatrical performances. Their return in 2023 with a new album and film project, “Sleepytime Gorilla Museum of the Last Human Being,” marks a revival of their experimental legacy.Song featured on the album : Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Of The Last Human Being

11 . Duckboy – Excalibur

Date Added : janv 18, 2024

Duckboy, the pop-punk solo project of Ruby da Cherry from $uicideboy$, explores diverse musical styles. The project’s album “tragic love songs to study to [vol. 5]” marks a departure from rap to introspective pop-punk, reflecting Ruby’s personal journey.
Music video directed by : Dill35Mm

10 . Vegyn – The Path Less Travelled

Date Added : janv 18, 2024

Vegyn, born Joseph Winger Thornalley in London, is a British music producer, DJ, and graphic designer, prominent for his work on Frank Ocean’s critically acclaimed albums “Blonde” and “Endless”.
Music video directed by : Joshua Gordon – Song featured on the album : The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

9 . Great Good Fine OK – Breathing

Date Added : janv 18, 2024

Great Good Fine OK, a synthpop band from New York City, gained popularity with “You’re the One for Me.” Known for EPs like “Body Diamond,” they’ve collaborated with The Chainsmokers. The band’s relocation to Los Angeles in 2022 marks a new chapter in their synthpop and indie pop journey.
Music video directed by : Zebulon Griffin

Take It Or Leave It (2015)

8 . Dry Cleaning – Sit Down Meal

Date Added : janv 17, 2024

Dry Cleaning, an English post-punk band formed in 2017, is known for spoken-word vocals and unconventional lyrics. The band released “New Long Leg” (2021) and “Stumpwork” (2022), drawing comparisons to Wire and Joy Division.
Music video directed by : Lucy Vann – Song featured on the album : Boundary Road Snacks And Drinks

Scratchcard Lanyard (2020)

7 . Judah & The Lion – Is What It Is

Date Added : janv 17, 2024

Judah & The Lion, a Nashville-originated band, weaves a tapestry of Americana, bluegrass, and electropop. Since 2011, their journey from “Sweet Tennessee” to “Pep Talks” has been a vibrant fusion of styles, earning them acclaim in both bluegrass and folk realms with their dynamic performances.
Music video directed by : Bryant Bural

Happy Life (2022)

6 . David E. Williams – Ship Of Snails

Date Added : janv 17, 2024

David E. Williams, a pop/rock artist, blends dark cabaret and darkwave in his extensive discography. His music, known for dark and humorous themes, contributes significantly to experimental genres, combining traditional and avant-garde elements.
Music video directed by : Thomas Nola

The Official Picnic Song (2020)

5 . Devon Welsh – You Can Do Anything

Date Added : janv 17, 2024

Devon Welsh, born September 3, 1988, is a Canadian singer-songwriter, former frontman of Majical Cloudz (2010-2016), and solo artist with “Dream Songs” (2018). His music, influenced by his studies in comparative religion, showcases emotional depth and a unique sound.
Music video directed by : Jason Harvey

Somebody Loves You (2019)

4 . Dead Poet Society – My Condition

Date Added : janv 16, 2024

Forged in the creative crucible of Berklee College of Music, Dead Poet Society is a Los Angeles-based rock band renowned for their fretless instrument mastery and a sound that channels both angst and outrage.
Music video directed by : Steven Mertens

 .Coda. (2020)

3 . The Northern Boys – Robot Man

Date Added : janv 16, 2024

The Northern Boys, a British hip hop group from Sutton Coldfield, formed in 2022, featuring rappers Norman Pain, Patrick Karneigh Jr., and dancer Kevin. Gaining popularity on social media, especially TikTok, they are known for humorous lyrics and British hip hop sound. Their singles include “Party Time” and “Nobody Likes Me,” reflecting their unique style.

Party Time (2022)

2 . Shower – Impossible

Date Added : janv 16, 2024

Shower is a contestant in Lithuania’s Eurovizija.LT, the Eurovision pre-selection program.
Music video directed by : Šarūnas Rudys

1 . Tasuta N-Imal – Agherbaz

Date Added : janv 16, 2024

Moroccan band Tasuta N-Imal, formed of six musicians, draws from Southeast Anti-Atlas highlanders’ musical heritage. They released their debut EP “Tamlalte” in 2018 and single “Sigham Olinw,” working on their first album.
Music video directed by : Mustapha Achraoui

Fadma (2021)

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