‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’ New Music Videos – N°721

Here are the brand new videos that amused, puzzled and sometimes shocked us, these past days. Beware (possibly) NSFW

52 . Die Spitz – I Hate When Girls Die

Date Added : Apr 29,2024

Die Spitz, an Austin-based punk/grunge band, released their debut EP “Teeth” in 2022. They won Austin Music Awards for Best Punk and Best New Act. Their music features punk, metal, and melodic elements.
Music video directed by : Joemarks

Hair Of Dog (2023)

51 . Candy – Love Like Snow (w/ MIRSY & mmph)

Date Added : Apr 29,2024

Candy, a hardcore band from Richmond, Virginia, formed in 2017, blends metal, psychedelia, and electronica. Known for their debut release “Candy Says,” they are signed with Relapse Records.
Music video directed by : Michael Quick – Song featured on the album : It’S Inside You

Human Condition Above Human Opinion (2023)

50 . Juana Rozas & Six Sex – Im A Star

Date Added : Apr 29,2024

Juana Rozas, an Argentine artist, blends Electropop and Dance-Pop. Albums include “Pose!” and “VLADI,” with notable singles like “I’m a Star.” Her work features a mix of gothic theatricality and hyperpop elements.
Music video directed by : Jonathan Monroig

Cariño (2023)

49 . Rich Ruth – No Muscle No Memory

Date Added : Apr 29,2024

Rich Ruth, a Nashville-based ambient musician, released his debut album “Calming Signals” in 2019. His work combines ambient, new age, and spiritual jazz elements. His album, “I Survived, It’s Over,” was released in 2022.
Music video directed by : Joseph Bird – Song featured on the album : Water Still Flows

Older But Not Less Confused (2023)

48 . Los Bitchos – La Bomba

Date Added : Apr 28,2024

Los Bitchos is a London-based band known for their instrumental blend of psychedelic surf and cumbia music. Their debut album “Let the Festivities Begin!” produced by Alex Kapranos, features a lively mix of global musical influences.
Music video directed by : Tom Mitchell

Pista [Fresh Start] (2022)

47 . Manset – Rater Sa Vie

Date Added : Apr 28,2024

Gérard Manset, French singer-songwriter and reclusive artist, released “Animal on n’est mal” in 1968 and broke through with “La mort d’Orion” in 1970. Known for his significant impact on French rock and pop music, Manset avoids live performances and media appearances.
Music video directed by : Christophe Gstalder

Y’A Une Route (1975)

46 . PartyNextDoor – For Certain

Date Added : Apr 27,2024

PartyNextDoor, born July 3, 1993, in Canada, signed with Drake’s OVO Sound in 2013. He debuted with “PartyNextDoor” and hit “Recognize” from “PartyNextDoor Two”. Known for writing Rihanna’s “Work”, he released “Partymobile” in 2020 and won a songwriter number-one with “Work”.
Music video directed by : Edgar Daniel – Song featured on the album : Pnd 4

Recognize (W/ Drake) (2015)

45 . Porter Robinson – Knock Yourself Out

Date Added : Apr 27,2024

Porter Robinson, born July 15, 1992, gained early fame with his “Spitfire” EP and collaborations like “Shelter” with Madeon. His album “Worlds” explored melodic sounds, and his alias Virtual Self was Grammy-nominated.
Music video directed by : *Uncanny – Song featured on the album : Smile! 😀

Secret Sky Set (2021)

44 . Gya & Babasha – Baklava

Date Added : Apr 27,2024

Gya and Babasha are two Nepali singers.
Music video directed by : Isabella Zsanto

43 . WesGhost – Spine

Date Added : Apr 25,2024

WesGhost, emerging in pop/rock and rap, is known for blending genres in tracks like “DOOMED.” His unique approach, including performing masked, focuses on music’s emotional depth and connecting with listeners feeling unseen.
Music video directed by : Arthur James

Cursed (2023)

42 . Crumb – The Bug

Date Added : Apr 25,2024

Crumb, an American band formed at Tufts University, is recognized for their blend of psychedelic slacker-rock and lo-fi dream pop. Their albums “Jinx” and “Ice Melt” showcase their unique sound, with “Amama” announced for 2024.
Music video directed by : Haoyan Of America

Locket (2018)

41 . Arthur Miguel – Maling Panahon

Date Added : Apr 25,2024

Arthur Miguel, a Filipino pop singer, gained recognition with his YouTube channel and the EP “Kahapon.” Known for hits like “Lihim,” he signed with Warner Music Philippines, enhancing his visibility with tracks like “Leron” and “Pasahili.”
Music video directed by : Leo Nicolas

Lihim (2023)

40 . Satine – C’est Toi

Date Added : Apr 25,2024

Satine Wallé, born September 17, 2004, in France, is known for her YouTube presence and her participation in season 2 of “The Voice Kids.”
Music video directed by : Barkette

Pourquoi (2023)

39 . Shinedown – Special

Date Added : Apr 23,2024

Shinedown, formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 2001, blends hard rock, post-grunge, and alternative rock. Achievements include the platinum-certified debut “Leave a Whisper” and double platinum “The Sound of Madness”, featuring hits like “Second Chance”.
Music video directed by : Bill Yukich – Song featured on the album : Attention Attention

Sound Of Madness (2009)

38 . Wisp – Pandora

Date Added : Apr 23,2024

Reid Dunn, aka Wisp, is an electronic music composer from Niagara Falls, New York. he is associated with Rephlex Records, the innovative sounds label co-founded by Richard D. James of Aphex Twin.

0 (0)

37 . Still Woozy – Again

Date Added : Apr 23,2024

Still Woozy, stage name of Sven Eric Gamsky, is an American singer-songwriter who released his debut album “If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is” in 2021. His music blends bedroom pop and psychedelic influences, with notable tracks from the EP “Lately.”

Goodie Bag (2019)

36 . Golden BSP – The Real Big Pony

Date Added : Apr 23,2024

Golden BSP, also referred to as Buck Skin Pony, from Salmon Arm, British Columbia, is a versatile hip-hop artist, known for his dynamic work ethic and his adaptive style across various subgenres.

Tippy Toe (2023)

35 . Britney Manson – American Dream

Date Added : Apr 21,2024

Britney Manson, a Russian model-turned-musician based in Poland, gained popularity with TikTok. Her music includes “Everyone (I’m Stuck)” and “Mode-L,” with “Fashion” becoming a viral hit in 2023.
Music video directed by : Anna Van Der Velde

Fashion (2021)

34 . Bibi – Eve

Date Added : Apr 21,2024

Bibi is a South Korean singer and actress from Ulsan. Becky G, born Rebbeca Marie Gomez in California, is a multi-awarded American singer and actress.

33 . Honne – Imaginary

Date Added : Apr 21,2024

Honne, a British electronic-soul duo formed in 2014, released albums “Warm on a Cold Night” (2016) and “Love Me / Love Me Not” (2018). Known for synthesizer-heavy tracks like “Location Unknown.”
Music video directed by : William Coutts

What Would You Do? (W/ Pink Sweat$) (2023)

32 . Shannon and The Clams – Big Wheel

Date Added : Apr 21,2024

Shannon and the Clams, formed in 2009, blend vintage styles in their music, with albums like “Sleep Talk” (2011) and “Onion” (2018), produced by Dan Auerbach. Their latest, “The Moon is in the Wrong Place” (2024), explores themes of loss.
Music video directed by : Vanessa Pla – Song featured on the album : The Moon Is In The Wrong Place

The Boy (2018)

31 . Kraff – White Rum

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

Jamaican artist Kraff, aka Tevin Randall, made his mark in trap dancehall with “Deniro.” His EP ’11:11′ symbolizes his musical and spiritual journey. Despite challenges, he infuses his music with youthful energy, resonating globally.
Music video directed by : Noworneva

Dinero (2022)

30 . The Early November – The Fool

30 . The Early November – The Fool

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

American rock band The Early November formed in 2001 in New Jersey and is known for albums like “The Room’s Too Cold” and “The Mother, The Mechanic, and The Path.” They disbanded in 2007, reunited in 2011, and continue to evolve musically.
Music video directed by : Trevor Bowma

Make It Happen (2023)

29 . Lionlimb – Dream Of You (w/ Angel Olsen)

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

Lionlimb, started by Stewart Bronaugh in Nashville in 2010, blends psychedelic and alternative indie rock. Known for albums like “Shoo” and “Tape Recorder,” their music incorporates orchestral elements with influences from ’70s soul and Italian cinema.
Music video directed by : Stewart Bronaugh

Gone (2024)

28 . Blue Man Group & Andrew Huang – Desert Portal

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

Founded in 1987, Blue Man Group is an American performance art company known for multimedia shows. Albums include the gold-certified “Audio” (1999) and “The Complex” (2003). They are also notable for “The Complex Rock Tour” and educational projects.
Music video directed by : Andrew Huang

Drumbone [Live] (2010)

27 . Total Tommy – Losing Out

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

Australian indie artist Total Tommy, based in Sydney, debuted with “microdose.” Known for a fusion of glo-fi pop and grunge, she signed with [PIAS] Recordings. Her music deals with themes from the queer community.
Music video directed by : Holl & Total Tommy

Microdose (2023)

26 . Neila Invo – B.P.D

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

Italian darkwave band Neila Invo formed in 2019, released “Alienation” in 2022. Members include Elettra Seguro, Claudia Nottebella (also with Ash Code), and Valeria Formisano. Their music explores themes of personal and societal alienation.
Music video directed by : Ema Kaiser

Alienation (2023)

25 . Heleina Zara – Boundaries

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

Australian-Filipina singer Heleina Zara debuted with the EP “Lessons” in 2019. Signed with Island Records Australia, she is known for tracks like “Convenience Store,” dealing with themes of personal relationships and self-worth.
Music video directed by : Courtney Brookes

Convenience Store (2023)

24 . Friedberg – My Best Friend

Date Added : Apr 15,2024

Friedberg, an all-female-four-piece based in London, emerged in 2019 with their debut single “BOOM.” Their music, blending post-punk and alt-rock with pop sensibilities, has been featured in FIFA 20 and Netflix’s “Biohackers.”
Music video directed by : Nüesch Sisters

Never Gonna Pay The Rent (2023)

23 . Gift – Wish Me Away

Date Added : Apr 15,2024

Gift, a psychedelic rock band from Brooklyn, formed in 2020, draws on influences like Brian Jonestown Massacre and Spiritualized. Their sound includes elements similar to Stereolab and Spacemen 3, emphasizing hypnotic rhythms and spaced-out rock’n’roll.
Music video directed by : Andrew Gibson

Feather (2023)

22 . Mr. Monkei – Cold Visions

Date Added : Apr 15,2024

Specializing in genres like Latin pop and Reggaeton, Mr. Monkei (Leo Henry Wilson), a Grammy-nominated music producer based in Miami, FL, has worked with artists like Alex Rose and Chacal.
Music video directed by : Mr. Monkei (Leo Henry)

I’M Ready (2020)

21 . Keaton Henson – Try

Date Added : Apr 14,2024

Keaton Henson, born in 1988 in London, released his debut album “Dear…” in 2010. Known for blending folk, indie, and classical music, his works include “Romantic Works” and the dance score “Young Men.” He also composed “Six Lethargies” symphony.
Music video directed by : William Williamson – Song featured on the album : Somnambulant Cycles

Healah Dancing (2015)

20 . Shabaka – Insecurities (w/ Moses Sumney)

Date Added : Apr 14,2024

British jazz artist Shabaka Hutchings, born in 1984, leads Shabaka and the Ancestors and was a member of Sons of Kemet. Known for blending jazz with Caribbean and global influences, his album “We Are Sent Here by History” was released in 2020.
Music video directed by : Lauren Luxenberg

End Of Innocence (2023)

19 . Goat Girl – Motorway

Date Added : Apr 14,2024

Goat Girl, a South London post-punk band, formed in 2016, quickly gained acclaim. Their albums include “Goat Girl” (2018), “On All Fours” (2021), and “Below The Waste” (2024). Known for singles like “Country Sleaze” and “Sad Cowboy,” they showcase a mix of punk, country, and electronic influences.
Music video directed by : Holly Blakey – Song featured on the album : Below The Waste

The Crack (2020)

18 . Cowboy Malfoy – Rockabye

Date Added : Apr 14,2024

Sydney-based Cowboy Malfoy, aka Max Russell, blends diverse musical styles in tracks like “How I’d Kill.” A trans non-binary artist, they studied at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute and released the single “Head Start.”
Music video directed by : Jack Mcgrath

How I’D Kill (2023)

17 . Yelawolf – New Me

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Yelawolf, born Michael Wayne Atha, broke through with “Trunk Muzik 0-60” in 2010. His album “Radioactive” (2011) on Shady Records, and “Love Story” (2015), featuring hit “Till It’s Gone,” highlight his blend of hip hop with southern rock and country.
Music video directed by : Patrick Tohill – Song featured on the album : War Story

Till It’S Gone (2014)

16 . Ouija Macc, Darby O’Trill – Graveyard Shift

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Las Vegas rapper Ouija Macc, real name Eric Hamilton, known for his horror rap and trap styles, debuted with “TRASHFIRE.” He signed with Psychopathic Records and released “GUTTERWATER” in 2018, featuring collaborations with Insane Clown Posse. His music explores dark, macabre themes.
Music video directed by : Ben Villapudua – Song featured on the album : Anemoia

You’Re Dead (W/ Violent J) (2023)

15 . Bonny Light Horseman – I Know You Know

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Bonny Light Horseman, formed in 2018, includes Anaïs Mitchell, Eric D. Johnson, and Josh Kaufman. Their music modernizes traditional folk ballads, blending historical and contemporary folk elements. Their albums “Bonny Light Horseman” (2020) and “Rolling Golden Holy” (2022) received critical acclaim.
Music video directed by : Kimberly Stuckwisch – Song featured on the album : Keep Me On Your Mind/See You Free

Deep In Love [Live] (2020)

14 . Gliiico – Amiri Jeans

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Gliiico, composed of three Filipino-Japanese brothers based in Tokyo, blends diverse musical influences into a genreless sound. Known for their unique musical and visual artistry, they have been active in various creative endeavors, contributing to both the music and fashion scenes in Japan and beyond.
Music video directed by : Luke Casey

Around (2020)

13 . Judeline – Mangata

Date Added : Apr 12,2024

Spanish artist Judeline, born in 2003, blends bedroom pop with electronic elements. Recognized as a Spotify RADAR artist in 2022, she participated in Spotify’s Singles program, becoming the first from Spain to do so with tracks like “La Tortura.”

Canijo (2023)

12 . Ocean Wisdom – I Exist

Date Added : Apr 12,2024

UK rapper Ocean Wisdom, born in 1993, debuted with “Walkin'” in 2014. His album “Chaos 93” (2016) was followed by “Wizville” (2018), featuring artists like Method Man. Ocean founded Beyond Measure Records in 2019 and released “Stay Sane” in 2021.
Music video directed by : Reece Salvadorai

Walkin’ (2015)

11 . Number_i – Blow Your Cover

Date Added : Apr 12,2024

Number_i, a Japanese boy band formed in 2023 by Tobe, includes members Sho Hirano, Yuta Jinguji, and Yuta Kishi.

Goat (2023)

10 . per se – 也許沒有未來神

Date Added : Apr 12,2024

Hong Kong duo Per se, formed by Sandy and Stephen, released “character / character” in 2021. Their music, known for introspective and melancholic tones, often explores complex emotional themes through poetic pop.

《。》 (2019)

9 . Charlotte Rose Benjamin – French Resistance

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

Born in Boston in 1996, Charlotte Rose Benjamin is a singer-songwriter known for “Dreamtina” and the “Party City” EP. Her music combines indie pop/rock with introspective lyrics.
Music video directed by : Emma Craft

Satisfied (2022)

8 . Reeve. – Wax On You

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

Reeve., a singer-songwriter, is currently signed to the French record label Savoir Faire.
Music video directed by : Ataka51

7 . Dirt Miller – Drown The Light

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

American multi-instrumentalist Dirt Miller, from Spokane, WA, blends Americana soul with influences from Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin. His music, marked by hardships and recovery, features real instrumentation like cellos and violins.
Music video directed by : Dianne Copeland

Kansas City (2023)

6 . Raven Numan – Here For Me

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

Raven Numan, inheriting Gary Numan’s legacy, steps into music with a blend of Numanesque electronic and a unique touch. Her performances, including songs like “Children Of The Bad Revolution,” display her strong vocals and introspective themes, blending tradition with innovation.
Music video directed by : Kassandra Powell

Children Of The Bad Revolution [Live] (2023)

5 . Mk.gee – Little Bit More [Live]

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

Mk.gee, born Michael Gordon in 1997 in New Jersey, entered the indie music scene with his 2017 single “I Know How You Get.” His discography includes EPs “Pronounced McGee” and “Fool,” and the 2020 mixtape “A Museum of Contradiction.”
Music video directed by : Danica Arias Kleinknecht – Song featured on the album : Two Star & The Dream Police

Dime: Quarterback (2020)

4 . Nella, Yeиdry – Veinte Años

Date Added : Apr 8,2024

Venezuelan singer Nella, born Marianella Rojas on November 3, 1989, blends her roots with global influences. A Berklee College graduate, she won the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist in 2019. Her debut album “Voy,” featuring “Me Llaman Nella,” highlights her fusion of Venezuelan folklore and modern sounds. She has collaborated with Alejandro Sanz and appeared in “Everybody Knows,” directed by Asghar Farhadi.

Voy (2019)

3 . Shinedown – Creatures

Date Added : Apr 8,2024

Shinedown, formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 2001, blends hard rock, post-grunge, and alternative rock. Achievements include the platinum-certified debut “Leave a Whisper” and double platinum “The Sound of Madness”, featuring hits like “Second Chance”.
Music video directed by : Bill Yukich – Song featured on the album : Attention Attention

Sound Of Madness (2009)

2 . Medium Build – Stick Around

Date Added : Apr 8,2024

Medium Build, led by Nick Carpenter, is an indie R&B project from Alaska. Starting with “Falling Apart” (2016), Carpenter explores themes like heartbreak and self-confidence. His albums include “softboy” (2018) and “Wild” (2019). The 2022 single “comeonback” highlights friendship and relationships.
Music video directed by : Harrison Shook – Song featured on the album : Country

Rabbit (2021)

1 . Heldom & Eolya – Sigri

Date Added : Apr 8,2024

Founded in 2019 by Janus Pedersen in Copenhagen, Denmark, Heldom creates dark, atmospheric Viking-inspired music, blending electronic and Nordic instruments. The debut album “Myrkr,” released in 2020, explores themes of personal challenge and Viking ethos. Pedersen’s project is recognized for its unique sound and motivational tone, drawing on Scandinavian nature and mythology.

Hvitskogr (2022)

‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’  New Music Videos – N°721


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