‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’ New Music Videos – N°726

Here are the brand new videos that amused, puzzled and sometimes shocked us, these past days. Beware (possibly) NSFW

47 . Stray Kids – Chk Chk Boom

Date Added : Jul 20,2024

Stray Kids Stray Kids, the South Korean powerhouse formed by JYP Entertainment through a 2017 reality show, stormed the music scene with their pre-debut EP Mixtape” in January 2018.

46 . Mareux – Lovers From The Past

Date Added : Jul 20,2024

Mareux, led by Aryan Ashtiani from Los Angeles, gained attention with the 2015 viral hit “The Perfect Girl.” The 2021 EP “Predestiny” solidified their presence in darkwave and post-punk genres.
Music video directed by : Michael E Linn & Nedda Afsari

Night Vision (2023)

45 . Mrs M – 24/7

Date Added : Jul 20,2024

Mrs M, born Tamir Enkhtuul in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, gained fame with the 2015 single “Tsor Gants” and her 2016 album “Gentleman.” She signed with Warner Music Asia in 2021 and released “Daughter of Khan.”
Music video directed by : Bronzehero

Lotta (W/ Semi) (2023)

44 . T. Danny – Fura Vagyok (w/ Huzugha)

Date Added : Jul 19,2024

T. Danny, born Dániel Tóth, is a Hungarian rapper who gained fame in 2018 with his hit single “Yayo.” His debut album “Mindegy” (2019) established him in Hungary. Known for impactful lyrics and innovative approach, his work addresses personal and societal issues.

Félek (2023)

43 . Miki – Échec Et Mat

Date Added : Jul 19,2024

Miki Duplay is a French indie pop singer known for her collaboration with Thomas Guerlet on “Dis, Quand Reviendras-tu?”

Dis, Quand Reviendras-Tu? (W/ Thomas Guerlet) (2021)

42 . Ginger Root – There Was A Time

Date Added : Jul 18,2024

Ginger Root is an indie soul project led by Cameron Lew from Huntington Beach. Known for “aggressive elevator soul,” notable releases include the albums “Spotlight People” (2017), “Mahjong Room” (2018), and “Rikki” (2020). Their 2021 EP “City Slicker” and 2022 EP “Nisemono” showcase creative narratives and 80s VHS aesthetics.

Loretta (2022)

41 . Salvatore Ganacci & Tommy Cash – Ass & Titties

Date Added : Jul 18,2024

Salvatore Ganacci, born Emir Kobilić, is a Bosnian-Swedish DJ known for his 2014 single “Dive” with Jillionaire. Renowned for energetic and humorous performances, he excels in EDM genres. Regular at festivals like Tomorrowland, he is noted for his unique stage antics.

Horse (2019)

40 . That’s A Bad Idea – That’s A Bad Idea

Date Added : Jul 18,2024

That’s A Bad Idea, an American indie rock band from Los Angeles, gained attention in 2022 through local performances. Their debut EP, released the same year, combines punk rock and indie influences, known for high-energy tracks and relatable lyrics.

39 . James Loup – 3 Défauts

Date Added : Jul 18,2024

James Loup, a French singer-songwriter from Lyon, broke out with his 2021 debut single. His 2022 album “Étoiles de Lyon” features hits like “Lumières de la Ville,” blending pop and indie sounds. Known for introspective ballads and upbeat tracks.

Kérosène (2023)

38 . Gottmik – Skullfu*Ker

Date Added : Jul 18,2024

Gottmik, born Kade Gottlieb, is a drag performer and makeup artist. First trans man on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 13, known for unique aesthetics. Gained acclaim for performances and runway looks, becoming a fan favorite and finalist on the show.

37 . Benab – Où Aller

Date Added : Jul 18,2024

Benab, born Youness Benabdelouahed, is a French rapper from Sevran. His debut album “Dracarys” (2019) features “Hey Mama” with Kalash Criminel. Follow-up albums “Au clair de la rue” (2021) and “Drapeau Blanc” (2023) highlight his storytelling skills.
Music video directed by : Drapeau Noir

Mon Poto (2022)

36 . The Crane Wives – Bitter Medicine

Date Added : Jul 11,2024

The Crane Wives, an indie folk band from Grand Rapids, Michigan, formed in 2010. Known for their three-part harmonies, they released “Safe Ship, Harbored” (2011), “The Fool in Her Wedding Gown” (2012), and “Coyote Stories” (2015). Their music blends folk, rock, and Americana.
Music video directed by : Jackson Ezinga – Song featured on the album : Beyond Beyond Beyond

Take Me To War (2017)

35 . Piyath Rajapakse – Seedevi

Date Added : Jul 11,2024

Piyath Rajapakse, born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, gained fame after winning Sirasa Super Star. Known for blending traditional Sri Lankan elements with contemporary sounds, his hits include “Bandimu Suda” and “Dawasak Ewi.” He is the son of stage actor Lalith Rajapaksha.
Music video directed by : Sahan Wickramarachchi

Ai Mama Adare (2018)

34 . Melba Culp – Faces Of The Forest

Date Added : Jul 11,2024

Melba Culp, founded by Jack McConnell in 2015, is a hard rock and heavy metal band from Austin, Texas. Known for aggressive guitar riffs and powerful vocals, they gained attention with their debut single “Never Surrender” (2019) and its music video produced by PartyHat Productions.
Music video directed by : Dalton Kennerly, Jack Mcconnell

Never Surrender (2019)

33 . Francis On My Mind & Killa Fonic – Dernière Cigarette

Date Added : Jul 10,2024

Francis On My Mind is a Romanian singer-songwriter from Bucharest. Her breakthrough single “On My Mind” (2020) gained wide attention. In 2024, she released her debut album Lumea ta, which highlighted her versatile pop sound. Notable single: “This Is My Time” (2023).
Music video directed by : Frnk

On My Mind (2020)

32 . B.B. Jacques – Honeymoon, Rayol & Moshpit

Date Added : Jul 8,2024

B.B. Jacques, pivotal in the French rap arena, released “La nuit sera calme” in 2021, a trilogy that cemented his status. Known for profound lyrics and diverse soundscapes, he followed with “Poésie d’une pulsion,” featuring tracks like “Opium.”
Music video directed by : Romain Argento

Rainbow [A Colors Show] (2023)

31 . Beathoven – La Boheme

Date Added : Jul 8,2024

Beathoven is a Norwegian pop and dance music trio formed in 2021, consisting of Bravo, Blackie, and Ludwig. Their breakthrough single “STAY KEEG” (2022) achieved platinum status. The group won a Spellemannprisen award and released their debut album “Sorgenfri” in 2024, featuring tracks like “SKAAL” and “GODSPEED.”
Music video directed by : Skipline

30 . House Of Protection – Being One

Date Added : Jul 8,2024

House Of Protection, formed by Stephen Harrison and Aric Improta, released their debut EP “It’s Supposed to Hurt” in 2022. The EP blends hardcore, electronica, and punk. The title track gained popularity, and their music features contributions from musicians like Jordan Fish and Nick DePirro.
Music video directed by : Kevin Garcia & Billy Catlin

It’S Supposed To Hurt (2024)

29 . 3House – Drippin

Date Added : Jul 8,2024

3House is a Japanese pop and dance band managed by AOTL. Their 2022 single “DRIPPIN” gained significant attention, and their performance at the “SWING A SOUL TOUR FINAL” at Billboard Live Tokyo showcased their live performance skills.
Music video directed by : Nasty Men$Ah – Song featured on the album : Swing A Soul

Feelings (2022)

28 . Levelsantana – Encore

Date Added : Jul 7,2024

LEVELSANTANA, a 27-year-old artist signed to BSB, is known for tracks like “PEE” and “Drugkavann.” His 2023 single “Terminal 2” showcases a more mellow side. He blends influences from Africa, Latin America, and the US, and continues to release impactful drill music and collaborations.
Music video directed by : Arthur Blaisa

Pee (2023)

27 . Chuu, 츄 – strawberry Rush

Date Added : Jul 7,2024

Chuu, born Kim Ji-woo on October 20, 1999, in South Korea, gained fame with LOONA and her 2017 solo debut “Chuu.” She left LOONA in 2022, signed with ATRP in 2023, and released EPs “Howl” (2023) and “Strawberry Rush” (2024). She is active in TV shows and commercials.
Music video directed by : Sky

Heart Attack (2018)

26 . IAMX – Neurosymphony

Date Added : Jul 6,2024

IAMX is the solo project of Chris Corner, started in 2004. Known for the debut album “Kiss + Swallow,” IAMX blends electronic music with glam rock and punk. The single “Spit It Out” from “The Alternative” (2006) is a fan favorite. Notable albums include “Kingdom of Welcome Addiction” (2009) and “Metanoia” (2015).
Music video directed by : Chris Corner – Song featured on the album : Fault Lines²

Happiness (2016)

25 . Peter Cat Recording Co. – Suddenly

Date Added : Jul 6,2024

Peter Cat Recording Co. is an Indian band formed in 2009 in New Delhi. Their debut album “Sinema” (2011) and the single “Clown on the 22nd Dance Floor” established their eclectic sound. Subsequent albums “Climax” (2015) and “Bismillah” (2019) received critical acclaim for their genre-defying compositions.
Music video directed by : Suryakant Sawhney – Song featured on the album : Beta

Floated By (2019)

24 . BabyJake – Bottom Of A Dirty Shoe

Date Added : Jul 6,2024

BabyJake, born Jake Herring, is an American singer known for the viral single “Cigarettes on Patios” (2019). His EP “Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Wine” (2020) and album “The Sun Wakes Up Earlier Now” (2021) blend pop, rock, and hip-hop. His 2023 album “Aren’t We Ever Gonna Be More Than Friends?” includes hits like “Gambler’s Prayer.”

My Anxiety (2022)

23 . Kalandra – Are You Ready?

Date Added : Jul 1,2024

Norwegian-Swedish band Kalandra blends Nordic folk with alternative elements. Since forming in 2011, their cover of Wardruna’s “Helvegen,” their debut album “The Line” and their contributions to “Beforeigners” and “Kingdom Two Crowns” soundtrack have showcased their sound.Song featured on the album : A Frame Of Mind

Borders (2021)

22 . Self Esteem, Moonchild Sanelly – Big Man

Date Added : Jul 1,2024

Self Esteem is the solo project of Rebecca Lucy Taylor, an English singer-songwriter. Her debut album “Compliments Please” (2019) received critical acclaim, followed by “Prioritise Pleasure” (2021), known for its bold lyrics and innovative production.

How Can I Help You (2022)

21 . Gallant – Coldstar.

Date Added : Jul 1,2024

Gallant, born Christopher Joseph Gallant III, is an American singer known for his Grammy-nominated debut album “Ology” (2016) and the hit single “Weight in Gold.” His sophomore album “Sweet Insomnia” (2019) and EP “Neptune” (2021) continue to showcase his expressive falsetto and heartfelt lyrics.
Music video directed by : Sasha Samsonova

Doesn’T Matter (2018)

20 . CG5 – Listen To The Music

Date Added : Jun 30,2024

CG5 (Charles Duncan Green V) is an American music producer and singer born in 1999. Known for “Absolutely Anything” (2019), his album “Patiently” (2020) blends electropop and pop rap. He gained fame on YouTube by creating music based on memes and video games.
Music video directed by : Cg5, Dash Mcdonald, & William Bradford

Anything Can Go (2023)

19 . Desingerica – Ccapela

Date Added : Jun 30,2024

Serbian artist Dragomir Despić, known as Desingerica, is both a tattoo artistry and a musician. Debuting in 2022 with “Kucci Kucci,” alongside Luka Bijelović (Pljugica), he’s since etched his mark with tracks like “Balkanacc,” “Tuckavacc,” and “Praccka”
Music video directed by : Milos Djordjevic Djomy

18 . Milky Chance – Naked And Alive

Date Added : Jun 30,2024

German duo Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch, known for blending folk, reggae, and electronic music. Their debut single “Stolen Dance” (2013) topped charts globally, featured in the album “Sadnecessary”. Their sound is characterized by minimalistic, house-influenced beats.
Music video directed by : Anthony Molina

Stolen Dance (2013)

17 . John Glacier – Cows Come Home

Date Added : Jun 27,2024

London-based John Glacier offers introspective rap over diverse beats, gaining attention with “SHILOH: Lost for Words.” Known for her poetic lyricism, she collaborates with Vegyn and delves into personal and religious themes.
Music video directed by : Yasser Abubeker – Song featured on the album : Duppy Gun

Serpentine: Park Nights (2021)

16 . Movements – Afraid To Die

Date Added : Jun 27,2024

Movements, an American post-hardcore band from California, gained fame with their EP “Outgrown Things” (2016) and album “Feel Something” (2017). Known for hits like “Daylily” and “Colorblind,” their music addresses mental health, personal struggles, and relationships.
Music video directed by : Britain Weyant – Song featured on the album : Ruckus!

Full Circle (2019)

15 . Montell Fish – Is It A Crime?

Date Added : Jun 27,2024

Montell Fish, an American singer and producer, blends alternative R&B, soul, and gospel. His breakthrough album “As We Walk Into Forever” (2017) features tracks like “Talk 2 Me” and “Stay.” His music often explores themes of faith, love, and personal growth.
Music video directed by : Jared Hogan

Hotel (2023)

14 . Geneva Jacuzzi – Art Is Dangerous

Date Added : Jun 26,2024

Geneva Jacuzzi, born Geneva Garvin, is a Los Angeles-based musician and visual artist known for her synth-pop and experimental music. Her debut album “Lamaze” (2010) and “Technophelia” (2016) feature hits like “Love Caboose” and “Casket.”
Music video directed by : Geneva Jacuzzi – Song featured on the album : Triple Fire

Do I Sad? (2021)

13 . Megan Thee Stallion – It’s Prime Day

Date Added : Jun 26,2024

Megan Thee Stallion, born February 15, 1995, in San Antonio, Texas, is a renowned American rapper. She gained fame with “Like a Stallion,” “Big Ole Freak,” and the cultural hit “Hot Girl Summer.” Her 2020 EP “Suga” includes the Grammy-winning single “Savage” remix featuring Beyoncé. Megan’s albums include “Good News” and “Traumazine.”

Body (2020)

12 . H.O.M [Raven & Lude] – Indie Dun

Date Added : Jun 26,2024

H.O.M, or “Heart of Music,” is an American duo from Los Angeles. Raven and Lude gained attention with their single “Revolution” (2020). Their music blends hip-hop, R&B, and electronic elements, with Raven on vocals and percussion, and Lude on vocals, drum pads, and samples.

What Is Real (2023)

11 . Xiu Xiu – Common Loon

Date Added : Jun 26,2024

Xiu Xiu, an experimental rock band from San Jose, California, was formed in 2002 by Jamie Stewart. Their album “Fabulous Muscles” (2004) and single “I Luv the Valley OH!” brought them recognition. Known for their emotional themes, they’ve collaborated with artists like Mitski and Merzbow.
Music video directed by : Alicia Mcdaid – Song featured on the album : Frank Beltrame Italian Stiletto With Bison Horn Grips

A Bottle Of Rum (2021)

10 . Beak〉 – The Seal

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

Beak>, an experimental electronic rock band from Bristol, formed in 2009 by Geoff Barrow, Billy Fuller, and Matt Williams. Their debut album “Beak>” (2009) was recorded live, showcasing their raw sound. Their 2018 album “>>>” features the popular track “Brean Down.” In 2024, they released “>>>>” recorded in Wales.
Music video directed by : Tom Geens – Song featured on the album : 〉〉〉〉

Oh Know (2021)

9 . Thee Sacred Souls – Lucid Girl

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

Thee Sacred Souls is an American soul band from San Diego, formed in 2019. The band, consisting of Josh Lane, Alex Garcia, and Sal Samano, gained fame with their debut single “Can I Call You Rose?” (2020). Their self-titled debut album (2022) includes hits like “Easier Said Than Done” and “Trade of Hearts.”
Music video directed by : Cake (Aka Emma Kolb). – Song featured on the album : Got A Story To Tell

Easier Said Than Done (2022)

8 . Mothica – Toxins

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

Mothica, real name McKenzie Ellis, is an American artist blending pop, rock, and emo. Starting music at 18, her early hit was “Starchild.” The “Mythic” EP and “Blue Hour” album highlight her journey. Her song “VICES” went viral on TikTok, featuring on Billboard and iTunes charts.
Music video directed by : Samuel Halleen – Song featured on the album : Kissing Death

Sensitive (2022)

7 . Biji – Zigidi

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

Biji, the duo of Robin Nazari and Maceo Frost, blends Kurdish music with hip hop, Afrobeat, and dance music. Nazari, an actor known for “Snabba Cash,” and Frost, a film director, create a unique sonic and visual experience. Their work celebrates Kurdish heritage and contemporary influences.
Music video directed by : Maceo Frost

Zo (2023)

6 . Schrotthagen – Pain In My Heart

Date Added : Jun 24,2024

Schrotthagen, a German techno producer duo, consists of Giovanni Berg and Dieter Schleip. Their debut album “Schubkraft” (2023) features tracks like “Energie” and “Das Erwachen,” blending cinematic soundscapes with techno beats.
Music video directed by : Daniel Schäfer – Song featured on the album : Sturm Und Drang

5 . David Kushner – Humankind

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

David Kushner, born September 6, 2000, in Chicago, Illinois, is an American singer-songwriter. He rose to fame with the viral hit “Miserable Man” in 2022, reaching top charts in multiple countries and earning Gold and Platinum certifications.
Music video directed by : Luke Shaw & Landon Juern

Miserable Man (2022)

4 . Magdalena Bay – Death & Romance

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

Magdalena Bay, an American synth-pop duo from Miami, Florida, now based in Los Angeles, consists of Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin. Their debut album “Mercurial World” (2021) received acclaim for its blend of synth-pop and electronic music, featuring the popular single “Chaeri.”
Music video directed by : Amanda Kramer

Top Dog (2023)

3 . Ginger Root – Better Than Monday

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

Ginger Root is an indie soul project led by Cameron Lew from Huntington Beach. Known for “aggressive elevator soul,” notable releases include the albums “Spotlight People” (2017), “Mahjong Room” (2018), and “Rikki” (2020). Their 2021 EP “City Slicker” and 2022 EP “Nisemono” showcase creative narratives and 80s VHS aesthetics.
Music video directed by : David Gutel & Cameron Lew

Loretta (2022)

2 . Dr. Peacock – I Will Find You

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

Dr. Peacock, born Steve Dekker, is a Dutch Frenchcore DJ and producer known for his energetic performances. His breakthrough came with the album “Trip Around The World” (2014), featuring the hit “Frenchcore Worldwide.”
Music video directed by : Laird Dekkers – Song featured on the album : The Doc’S Experiment Proof

Trip To Valhalla (2021)

1 . Kid Brunswick – Out Of Style (w/ Beauty School Dropout)

Date Added : Jun 22,2024

Kid Brunswick, born Harry James on September 14, 1998, in London, is a British artist known for his single “Prescription Kid.” His debut mixtape “We Surround Ourselves with Chaos” (2019) and breakthrough project “XFOREVER” (2021) showcase his blend of punk, hip-hop, and alt-rock, addressing themes of addiction and mental health.
Music video directed by : Jawmidnight & Kid Brunswick

Heaven Without You (2023)

‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’  New Music Videos – N°726



‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’  New Music Videos – N°726

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