Wayne Shorter records ‘Footprints Live!’ with Danilo Perez, John Patitucci and Brian Blade (2001)

Wayne Shorter‘s ‘Footprints Live!’ is an album recorded between July 14 and 24, 2001 with Danilo Perez, John Patitucci and Brian Blade and released in 2002 by Verve.


Wayne Shorter records ‘Footprints Live!’ with Danilo Perez, John Patitucci and Brian Blade (2001)

1 . Opening Concert (The Hague Jazz, 2010)

Track Listing : 1.Sanctuary (Wayne Shorter) – 05:31 . 2.Masquelero (Wayne Shorter) – 08:28 . 3.Valse Triste (Sibelius) – 07:59 . 4.Go (Wayne Shorter) – 05:01 . 5.Aung San Suu Kyi (Wayne Shorter) – 09:28 . 6.Footprints (Wayne Shorter) – 07:55 . 7.Atlantis (Wayne Shorter) – 08:28 . 8.Juju (Wayne Shorter) – 10:39

Musicians : Wayne Shorter – Saxophones . Danilo Perez – Piano . John Patitucci – Bass . Brian Blade – Drums

Production : Produced By Marcus Miller . Jeff Ciampa – Assistant Engineer . Rob Griffin – Engineer, Mixing . Mark Wilder – Mastering

Package : Sachico Asano – Design . Hollis King – Art Direction . Kate Garner – Photography . Ronnie Wright – Photography

Recorded July 14–24, 2001.

Released In 2002 By Verve.

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Wayne Shorter


All About Jazz
The music is raw and explosive in the hands of these fine players, not least of all Shorter himself, whose brawny, instantly identifiable sound on tenor and soprano remains very much intact. Absolutely stunning, without doubt a major addition to Shorter’s discography. […]

Veteran saxophonist Shorter goes back to his acoustic roots in this freewheeling live…. His rather dry tone is instantly recognisable; his phrasing is uniquely his own, often unpredictable or quirky but with its own irrefutable logic when taken in context. […]

While some may choose to argue about Wayne Shorter‘s impact on jazz and whether he has had more of an impact as a composer or saxophonist, the one thing that is indisputable is that he has been and continues to be one of jazz’s leading figures […]


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