Wayne Shorter records ‘High Life’ produced by Marcus Miller for Verve (1995)

Wayne Shorter‘s ‘High Life’ is an album produced by Marcus Miller and released on October 17, 1995 by Verve.


Wayne Shorter records ‘High Life’ produced by Marcus Miller for Verve (1995)

Track Listing : 1.Children Of The Night (Wayne Shorter) – 07:23 . 2.At The Fair (Wayne Shorter) – 07:29 . 3.Maya (Wayne Shorter) – 05:12 . 4.On The Milky Way Express (Wayne Shorter) – 05:35 . 5.Pandora Awakened (Wayne Shorter) – 06:20 . 6.Virgo Rising (Wayne Shorter) – 06:46 . 7.High Life (Wayne Shorter) – 06:28 . 8.Midnight In Carlotta’S Hair (Wayne Shorter) – 05:54 . 9.Black Swan (In Memory Of Susan Portlynn Romeo) (Wayne Shorter) – 02:04

Musicians : Wayne Shorter – Tenor, Soprano Saxophones . Rachel Z – Piano, Synthesizers . David Gilmore – Electric Guitar . Marcus Miller – Bass Guitar, Bass Clarinet . Will Calhoun – Drums . Terri Lyne Carrington – Drums On (8) . Lenny Castro – Percussion . Airto Moreira – Percussion . Munyungo Jackson – Percussion On (8) . Kevin Ricard – Percussion On (8)

Production : Produced By Marcus Miller . John Hendrickson – Engineer . Bill Schnee – Mixing . Doug Sax – Mastering

Recorded 1995.

Released On October 17, 1995 By Verve.

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In fact, his emotional statements and the complexity of the ensembles push this music way above virtually all of the so-called “contemporary jazz” (which is often merely a synonym for jazzy pop) into the idiom of creative music. […]

Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
Rachel Z.’s cheeesy synth tones (which sound like factory presets) detract a bit from the experience, but Shorter does get bonus points for using a quote from one of my favorite novels, Lord Dunsany’s The Charwoman’s Shadow, as an epigraph. […]

Jazz Truth
But he also has a flair for long form composition. “High Life” is a celebration of the latter. It’s densely orchestrated, with REAL strings, REAL woodwindsand some synthesizers and percussion. […]


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