We Got Rhythms

From ‘Crazy Rhythm’ to ‘Rhythm Of Corners’ , we have mixed 19 ‘Jazz and a Slice Of Reggae ‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Rhythm‘. It has Jimmie Lunceford, The Frank And Joe Show, Oneness Of Juju, Cliff Richard and many more.

IMAGE : Fussion Rhythm and Dance Photo by Steven Depol

JazzStandards.com: Not only did Ethel Merman introduce “I Got Rhythm” in the Broadway musical, Girl Cray, but Girl Crazy introducedEthel Merman to Broadway. George Gershwin mistakenly thought Ethel Merman was tentative about his compositions. He offered to change anything she didn’t like in the songs. Surprised, she blurted out, “They will do very nicely, Mr. Gershwin.”

Mark Murphy : 1982, Melbourne, Australia. I was 17 years old and at one of those clubs that thrived for a year or two then disappeared I can’t remember the name of the club but onstage was a singer unlike any other I had ever witnessed. He seemed to be able to do anything with his voice that he chose. He put shape and form to words through sound. Stretched it, bent it, caressed it and sung it. I would describe him as an emotional genius.

Last.fm : During World War II he led the Eric Winstone Dance Orchestra and toured throughout Europe entertaining the troops. After the war his highly popular stage show played theatres and ballrooms, and was resident at Butlin’s Holiday Camps in the summer for more than 20 years.

Answers : This fine big band was originally formed by drummer Willie Lynch as the Blue Rhythm Band in 1930 and as the Coconut Grove Orchestra, provided backup to Louis Armstrong on some records. In 1931, Irving Mills became their manager and the group was renamed the Mills Blue Rhythm Band. Lynch’s departure later that year resulted in Baron Lee fronting the band until Lucky Millinder took over in 1934.

S p a c e A g e P o p M u s i c : Although Lou Bush (not Bush, as often spelled) is best known for his honky-tonk piano recordings under his stage name, Joe “Fingers” Carr, his contributions to space age pop go well beyond that. He got his start early, leading his own band by the age of 12 and leaving home at 16 to work as a professional musician. He played with a number of sweet big bands–Clyde McCoy, Henry Busse, and George Olson–then took a short break to study at the Cincinnati Conservatory.

Musician Biographies : In his work, Early Jazz, Gunther Schuller noted the musical and rhythmic support Johnson brought to the group: “Armstrong is no longer outnumbered four to one but has a strong ally. Johnson’s swinging, rhythmic backing and his remarkable two-bar exchanges with Armstrong are certainly highlights of modern jazz.”

Hyena Records : Comprised of virtuoso guitarist Frank Vignola and master percussionist Joe Ascione, the group follows in the great tradition of stellar duos including Steely Dan, The Everly Brothers and Hall & Oates. On their debut album, 33 1/3, produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Joel Dorn, The Frank & Joe Show deliver a knockout punch, so purely listenable, it renders the word ear candy useless.

Rhythm Of The Rain : But before too long, “Rhythm of the Rain” was showing up on charts all across the world and in many of these other countries, we DID go to #1. The group was already working on an LP at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood with engineer Stan Ross, who was the technical know-how behind the famous Phil Spector “wall of sound” and engineer to many of the major artists of the time including Sony and Cher and The Rightious Brothers and most of the Spector stable of stars.

PLAYLIST : Joe Fingers Carr – Crazy Rhythm (2.17) . Cliff Richard – Beat Out That Rhythm On A Drum (2.00) . Thelonious Monk – Rhythm-a-Ning (5.20) . The Blackbirds – Walking in Rhythm (4.12) . Eric Darius – Rhythm Willie (5.56) . Fats Waller – Rhythm And Romance (3.17) . King Tubby – Rhythm Or Romance (4.45) .

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