Weather Report begin the recording of their sixth album : ‘Tale Spinnin” for Columbia (1975)

Weather Report‘s ‘Tale Spinnin” is their sixth album recorded between February and April 4, 1975 with Leon Ndugu Chancler on drums and released in May 1975 by Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.Man In The Green Shirt (Joe Zawinul) – 06:29 . 2.Lusitanos (Wayne Shorter)- 07:25 . 3.Between The Thighs (Joe Zawinul) – 09:33 . 4.Badia (Joe Zawinul) – 05:21 . 5.Freezing Fire (Wayne Shorter)- 07:29 . 6.Five Short Stories (Joe Zawinul) – 06:56

Musicians : Weather Report – Band . Josef Zawinul – Rhodes Piano, Acoustic Piano, Melodica, Tonto Synthesizer, Arp 2600 Synthesizer, Organ, Steel Drums, Oud, Mzuthra, West African Talking Drum, Xylophone, Cymbals, Vocals . Wayne Shorter – Soprano And Tenor Saxophones . Alphonso Johnson – Electric Bass . Leon “Ndugu” Chancler – Drums, Tympani, Marching Cymbals . Alyrio Lima – Percussion

Production : Produced By Wayne Shorter, Josef Zawinul . Bruce Botnick – Engineer, Mixing . Seth Foster – Mastering . Wally Heider – Engineer . Kerry Mcnabb – Engineer . Mark Wilder – Mastering

Package : Teresa Alfieri – Cover Design . John Berg – Photography . Howard Fritzson – Art Direction . Robert Hurwitz – Liner Notes . Hal Miller – Liner Notes . Randall Martin – Design

Recorded February 1975 – April 4, 1975 At Wally Heider Studios, Los Angeles, California.

Released In May 1975 By Columbia.

(Source Weather Report – Tale Spinnin’ | Tale Spinnin’ | The Weather Report Annotated Discography)


Despite the more through composed approach showcased on this album, there’s no shortage of exploratory, improvisational playing; as usual Shorter is utterly distinctive on both tenor and soprano, firing off solos that are equal part inspiration and consideration. […]

All About Jazz
There are many worthy treasures to be found in the pre-Jaco archives, stepping stones to greatness that deserve dusting off once more. This one is an especially lustrous prize. […]

magezi @ RateYourMusic
Monster musicians. There’s no real melodies. Long jams, but no real musical pieces. Not bad record at all, still I like it very much. but the next one… […]


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