‘Weezer’ is their eponymous debut album produced by Ric Ocasek and featuring ‘Buddy Holly’ (1994)

Weezer‘ feat. ‘Buddy Holly‘ is their eponymous debut studio album a.k.a. ‘The Blue Album’ produced by Ric Ocasek and released on May 10, 1994 by DGC Records.


‘Weezer’ is their eponymous debut album produced by  Ric Ocasek and featuring ‘Buddy Holly’ (1994)

Track Listing : 1.My Name Is Jonas (Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Jason Cropper) – 03:23 . 2.No One Else (Rivers Cuomo) – 03:14 . 3.The World Has Turned And Left Me Here (Cuomo, Wilson) – 04:26 . 4.Buddy Holly (Rivers Cuomo) – 02:40 . 5.Undone / The Sweater Song (Rivers Cuomo) – 04:55 . 6.Surf Wax America (Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson) – 03:04 . 7.Say It Ain’T So (Rivers Cuomo) – 04:18 . 8.In The Garage (Rivers Cuomo) – 03:56 . 9.Holiday (Rivers Cuomo) – 03:26 . 10.Only In Dreams (Rivers Cuomo) – 08:03

Spike Jonze

Musicians : Weezer – Band . Rivers Cuomo – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar On (4 – 10), Keyboards, Harmonica . Brian Bell – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals . Matt Sharp – Bass, Backing Vocals . Patrick Wilson – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals . Mykel Allan – Spoken Intermission On (5) . Karl Koch – Dialogue On (5)

Sophie Muller

Production : Produced By Ric Ocasek . Chris Shaw – Engineer . Hal Belknap – Assistant Engineer

Recorded August–September 1993 At Electric Lady Studios, New York City, New York.

Released On May 10, 1994 By Dgc.

Video Director(s) : Spike Jonze asterisques RVM for “Undone” and “Buddy Holly” . Sophie Muller asterisques RVM for “Say It Ain’t So” .

(Source Weezer | Official Site)

Weezer‘ feat. ‘Buddy Holly‘ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]’ />


They were once capable of having a spasmodic rockout at any time, while in the very next song do the exact opposite and drop out for a gentle vocal interlude. […]

“I want a girl who will laugh for no one else,” Cuomo sings while the band rushes through the fuzzy pop-punk changes, evoking the hyperbole of masculinity. […]

Alt Citizen
I doubt Weezer or anyone else could have imagined how instrumental this one album would be in helping pave the way for an entirely new genre of music and, consequently, countless imitators. So this is thanks for the tunes, fellas, and for being there when you were needed most. […]


Weezer‘ feat. ‘Buddy Holly‘ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]M


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