When Mambo Meets Samba

From ‘Let’s mambo’ to ‘Vai, vai mesmo & Se a saudade me apertar…’ , we have mixed 20 ‘Mambo or Samba‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Latin‘. It has Benny More & Lalo Montane, Martinho da Vila, Ismael Silva, Nelson Gonçalves and many more.

IMAGE : 2005-12 ARM Christmas Party Photo by 74795212_d24299220a

MúsicaBrasileira.org: Paulinho da Viola has a passion for samba, Portela (his favorite Samba School in Rio de Janeiro) and love. His compositions often deal with those topics, but with innovative ways, fresh melodies and incomparable poetry.

Soycubano : Enrique Jorrín entered afterwards diverse orchestras until he was asked to be part of América Orchestra directed by Ninon Mondejar in which he starts to establish the Cha cha chá bases.

Noel Rosa on Wikipedia : One of the greatest names in Brazilian popular music, Noel gave a new twist to samba, combining its Afro-Brazilian roots with a more urban, witty language and making it a vehicle for ironic social commentary.

Yma Sumac : Sumac’s mother’s maiden name was Atahualpa, the same as that of the last ruler of the Incan civilization, Yma Sumac could be regarded as “a princess royal and spiritual leader of the mountain people of Peru…(occupying) a unique position in the Inca religion.”

Brazilianmusic.com : Still young, Geraldo Pereira was already considered a “bamba” (expert), in the Samba and in fights. He learned to play guitar with Cartola (Angenor de Oliveira), and gave Mangueira, many victories on Carnivals. His Sambas, told stories of the “things”, and day life of the community.

Music of Puerto Rico : Morales moved to New York City in 1935 were gained fame with top Latin bands in the city. He then formed his own band called the Hermanos Morales Orchestra in 1937, which was later called Noro Morales And His Orchestra.

Flabbergasted Vibes : Sadly, in a story all too similar to many a North American blues or jazz musician, Cartola himself dropped out of musical visibility and ended up working odd jobs such as a clerk for the Ministry of Agriculture and at a car wash.

milonga.co.uk : Father of the son montuno, prolific composer and lyricist, unequalled tresero, creater of the conjunto format, it is impossible to overstate the importance of Arsenio Rodríguez in Cuban music. Arsenio defined the sound of Cuban music in the 1940s and is both the mother and father of the mambo, even if others would be its most popular figures.

PLAYLIST : Noro Morales – Let’s mambo (3.09) . Johnny Ray – Mascarada (2.23) . Benny More & Lalo Montane – Encantado De La Vida (3.10) . Geraldo Pereira – Cabritada Mal Sucedida (2.37) . Paulinho da Viola & Elton Medeiro – Momento de Fraqueza (2.20) . Arsenio Rodrguez y su Conjunto – Cangrejo Fue A Estudiar (3.02) . Ismael Silva – AliaIs (2.14) . Nelson Sargento – Primeiro de abril (2.26) . Martinho da Vila – Casa de Samba (2.25) . Nelson Cavaquinho – Quando eu me chamar saudade (3.26) . Enrique Jorrin – Habana (2.57) . Cartola – Verde que te quero rosa (3.10) . Perez Prado – Mambo No. 5 (2.16) . Candeia – Dia de graça (3.16) . Mario Bauza – Mambo Inn (3.53) . Cachao Israel Lopez – Descarga Mambo (6.43) . Ataulfo Alves – Vai, vai mesmo & Se a saudade me apertar… (2.45) . Yma Sumac – Malambo No. 1 (2.55) . Nelson Gonçalves – Palpite Infeliz (2.42) . Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra – Cugis cocktail (2.30) .


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