Willie Dixon records his debut album : ‘Willie’s Blues’ with Memphis Slim on piano (1959)

Willie Dixon‘s ‘Willie’s Blues’ is his debut album recorded on December 3, 1959 with Memphis Slim on piano and released the same year by Prestige Bluesville.


Willie Dixon records his debut album : ‘Willie’s Blues’ with  Memphis Slim on piano (1959)

1 . Built For Comfort (The Blasters w/ Willie Dixon, 1982)

Track Listing : 1.Nervous (Willie Dixon) – 03:15 . 2.Good Understanding (Willie Dixon) – 02:15 . 3.That’S My Baby (Willie Dixon) – 03:22 . 4.Slim’S Thing (Memphis Slim) – 03:24 . 5.That’S All I Want Baby (Willie Dixon) – 02:15 . 6.Don’T You Tell Nobody (Willie Dixon) – 02:09 . 7.Youth To You (Willie Dixon) – 03:24 . 8.Sittin’ And Cryin’ The Blues (Willie Dixon) – 03:23 . 9.Built For Comfort (Willie Dixon) – 02:32 . 10.I Got A Razor (Willie Dixon) – 04:14 . 11.Go Easy (Memphis Slim) – 05:52 . 12.Move Me (Willie Dixon) – 03:20

Musicians : Memphis Slim – Piano . Gus Johnson – Drums . Wally Richardson – Guitar . Al Ashby – Tenor Saxophone . Harold Ashby – Tenor Saxophone

Production : Produced By Willie Dixon . Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer

Package : Dale Wright – Liner Notes

Recorded On December 3, 1959 At Rudy Van Gelder’S Studio In Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Released In 1959 By Prestige Bluesville.

(Source Willie Dixon – Willie’s Blues | Willie Dixon @ Wikipedia)


bluestax @ RateYourMusic
I borrowed this from a friend in the early sixties and copied it on my reel-to-reel tape recorder because I couldn’t find it on sale anywhere. I kept searching but it wasn’t until over 30 years later that I finally got it on CD. By that time, the tape was well past its sell-by date. […]

Unfortunately, the songs come out sounding sluggish and stilted at times; this is partly due, no doubt, to the makeshift nature of the date, but also, more surprisingly, because of drummer Gus Johnson’s overly slick and formalized playing. […]

Sad Blues @ Amazon
“Sittin and Crying and Singin the Blues” has to be the ultimate sad song. Willie, the best of the best, is at his best here. […]


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