Wintertime (2)

From ‘Stessa Spiaggia. Stesso Mare’ to ‘Sunny’ , we have mixed 17 ‘Jazz, Latin & Reggae‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Winter (Warm Side)‘. It has Earl Klugh, Marcos Valle, Mel Tormé, Mina and many more.

IMAGE : backside Photo by Vox Efx

Mú : The accomplished guitarist Maurício Carrilho once said the following about João Pernambuco and his music: “Very seldom do we find a Brazilian guitarist, be that musician erudite or popular, who has not included in his/her repertoire a composition by João.”

Brian Hyland : In 1961, “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” was used as a successful brainwashing technique in the classic Billy Wilder movie comedy, “One,Two,Three” starring James Cagney. It was Brian’s first Gold Record, selling millions world wide and racing to #1 in the U.S. briefly edging ahead of Elvis’ all time biggest hit, “It’s Now Or Never”.

CD Universe : When Cal Tjader recorded RITMO CALIENTE in 1954, he was already established as a respected Latin jazzman, enjoying popularity as a vibes player rivaling that of Red Norvo. However RITMO CALIENTE and its follow-up, MAS RITMO CALIENTE secured Tjader’s position in jazz history as one of the finest fusion artists.

Claude Ciari : My first try was a hit and a big surprise for me. I just turned 20 and I found myself with a hit in 45 countries. It was a rumba “La Playa” and I used an acoustic guitar instead of an electric one. : In 1986, Modugno entered the political arena as a member of the Italian Radical Party and was elected congressman for Turin in June 1987. In this last stage of his life, he was very active in social issues, fighting against inhuman conditions of patients in the Agrigento psychiatric hospital. : Earl Klugh adds a super cool technique of Brazilian touch with compositions like: 1. where he’s accompanied by Abraham Laboriel on Bass Guitar and Paulinho DaCosta on Percussions and 2

Marcos : In 1999, the government of Rio de Janeiro State, intending to let a carioca ( people who live in Rio ) trademark in a big national campaign “Rio Coração do Brasil ” asked Marcos and his brother and partner Paulo Sérgio Valle to compose a theme song, released in a great party on Sugar Loaf.

PLAYLIST : Mina – Stessa Spiaggia. Stesso Mare (2.23) . Bryan Hyland – Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (2.22) . Earl Klugh – Kissin’ On The Beach (6.08) . Trini Lopez – Cuando Caliente El Sol (2.29) . Perez Prado – Caliente. caliente (2.40) . The Beach Boys – The warmth Of The Sun (2.50) . Cal Tjader – Ritmo Caliente (1.59) . Mel Tormé – Too darn hot (2.47) . Marcos Valle – Pepino beach (1.53) . Sarah Vaughan – Slow hot wind (3.41) . Domenico Modugno – Sole malato (3.23) . Claude Ciari – La Playa (2.42) . Janice Andrade – Samba sol (4.25) . Anthony Cruz – Real Hot (2.27) . Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra – Cugis cocktail (2.30) . Eliane Elias – Solar (3.10) . George Benson – Sunny (2.56) .


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