Yes release ‘Close to the Edge,’ their fifth album featuring ‘Roundabout’ (1972)

Yes‘ ‘Close to the Edge’ is their fifth studio album released on September 13, 1972 by Atlantic.


Yes release ‘Close to the Edge,’ their fifth album featuring ‘Roundabout’ (1972)

1 . Close To The Edge (Live, 1975)

2 . Close To The Edge / I Get Up, I Get Down (Bethlehem, Pa 4-7-2013)

3 . Close To The Edge / Seasons Of Man (HSBC Brasil, São Paulo, 23/05/2013)

4 . And You And I (Live)

5 . And You And I (Symphonic)

6 . Siberian Khatruyes (Montreux)

7 . Siberian Khatru (Philadelphia, 1979)

Track Listing : 1.Close To The Edge (Jon Anderson, Steve Howe) – 18:43 .I. The Solid Time Of Change .Ii. Total Mass Retain .Iii. I Get Up, I Get Down .Iv. Seasons Of Man. 2.And You And I (Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Bill Bruford, Chris Squire) – 10:08 .I. Cord Of Life .Ii. Eclipse .Iii. The Preacher, The Teacher .Iv. The Apocalypse. 2.Siberian Khatru (Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman) – 08:55

Roger Dean

Musicians : Yes – Band . Jon Anderson – Vocals . Steve Howe – Guitars, Vocals . Chris Squire – Bass, Vocals . Rick Wakeman – Keyboards . Bill Bruford – Drums, Percussion

Production : Produced By Yes, Eddy Offord . Eddy Offord – Engineer

Package : Roger Dean asterisques RVM – Sleeve Design, Painting, Photography . Martyn Adelman – Photography

Recorded In 1972 At Advision Studios, London.

Released On September 13, 1972 By Atlantic.

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On Sept 25, 1972, some friends and I went to see them in Hartford, Connecticut, outdoors, Dillon Stadium. Just 10 days or so after this utterly unprecedented album came out, so we weren’t really familiar with it yet (too much studying to do in those days). […]

Ultimate Classic Rock
But from a musical standpoint, they truly “found God” on ‘Close to the Edge,’ setting a staggering precedent for prog-rock mastery that no other band (Yes included) has managed to reach since. […]

Most importantly, the title track has a sense of coherent progression, tension and release that most of the band’s other side-filling epics lack. “And You and I” is arguably the ten most gorgeous minutes Yes ever laid to tape. […]


Yes release ‘Close to the Edge,’ their fifth album featuring ‘Roundabout’ (1972)

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