Atlantic publish Yes’ fourth album : ‘Fragile’ featuring ‘Roundabout’ (1971)

Yes’ ‘Fragile’ is their fourth (and their first with Rick Wakeman) studio album released on November 26, 1971 by Atlantic Records.


Atlantic publish Yes’ fourth album : ‘Fragile’ featuring ‘Roundabout’ (1971)

Track Listing : 1.Roundabout (Jon Anderson, Steve Howe) – 08:30 . 2.Cans And Brahms (Johannes Brahms, Rick Wakeman) – 01:38 . 3.We Have Heaven (Jon Anderson) – 01:40 . 4.South Side Of The Sky (Jon Anderson, Chris Squire) – 08:02 . 1.Five Per Cent For Nothing (Bill Bruford) – 00:35 . 2.Long Distance Runaround (Jon Anderson) – 03:30 . 3.The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) (Chris Squire) – 02:39 . 4.Mood For A Day (Steve Howe) – 03:00 . 5.Heart Of The Sunrise (Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Bill Bruford) – 11:27

Roger Dean

Musicians : Jon Anderson – Vocals . Bill Bruford – Drums, Percussion . Steve Howe – Electric And Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals . Chris Squire – Bass Guitars, Backing Vocals . Rick Wakeman – Hammond Organ, Piano, Rmi 368 Electra-Piano And Harpsichord, Mellotron, Moog Synthesizer

Production : Produced By Yes, Eddy Offord . Eddy Offord – Engineer . Gary Martin – Assistant Engineer

Package : Roger Dean asterisques RVM – Sleeve Design And Illustration

Recorded September 1971 At Advision Studios.

Released On November 26, 1971 By Atlantic Records.



The science-fiction and fantasy elements that had driven the more successful songs on their preceding record, The Yes Album, were pushed much harder hereand not just in the music but in the packaging of the album:the Roger Dean-designed cover was itself a fascinating creation that seemed to relate to the music and drew the purchaser’s attention in a manner that few records since the heyday of the psychedelic era could match. […]
There are some great tracks on here and some not so great ones. But the great ones completely make up for what the less than great tracks do not have. […]

The Uncool
Fragile is the brand of album that many artists yearn to record as a follow-up to a previous masterpiece. And for one of the all too few times in contemporary music, an artist has actually lived up to the tremendous promise of a proceeding recording. […]


Atlantic publish Yes’ fourth album : ‘Fragile’ featuring ‘Roundabout’ (1971)

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