‘Zapp’ is their self-titled debut album, co-produced With Bootsy Collins (1998)

Zapp‘ is their self-titled debut album co-produced by Bootsy Collins and released on July 28, 1980 by Warner Bros.


‘Zapp’ is their self-titled debut album, co-produced With Bootsy Collins (1998)

Track Listing : 1.More Bounce To The Ounce (Roger Troutman) – 09:25 . 2.Freedom (Roger Troutman) – 03:48 . 3.Brand New Player (Roger Troutman) – 05:51 . 4.Funky Bounce (Roger Troutman) – 06:46 . 5.Be Alright (Roger Troutman) – 07:52 . 6.Coming Home (Roger Troutman) – 06:34

Musicians : Roger Troutman – Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Talking Box, Bass, Harmonicaand Vibes . Larry Troutman – Percussion, Conga, Drums . Lester Troutman – Percussion, Trapp Drums, Conga, Drums . Terry Troutman – Vocals, Bass . Greg Jackson – Vocals, Keyboards . Randy Wallace – Sax . Bootsy Collins – Guitars . Bobby Glover – Vocals . Jannetta Boyce – Vocals . Marchelle Smith – Vocals . Delores Smith – Vocals

Production : Produced By Roger Troutman, Bootsy Collins . Allen Zentz – Mastering

Package : Ronald P. Edwards – Graphics . Overton Lloyd – Graphics . Harry Mittman – Photography

Recorded 1979-1980 At United Sound Studios In Detroit, Michigan.

Released On July 28, 1980 By Warner Bros..

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. Later Zapp albums would have their moments, but this debut is absolutely solid from beginning to end, in addition to being the foundation from which Troutman would base all later workand with “More Bounce to the Ounce” and “Be Alright,” it houses two of the best moments in ’80s funk. […]

Zapp‘ target=’_blank’>Robert Christgau
Like Bootsy’s other funk alternative, Roger Troutman is a bit light–even when he grooves rather than croons he bounces rather than whomps….. he could be Gary Numan with ants in his pants, or Kraftwerk on the one Zapp‘ target=’_blank’>[…]

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