Beauty is in the Eyes (of the Listener)

From ‘Bonita’ to ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ , we have mixed 18 ‘Jazz & Latin‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Beauty & Prettiness‘. It has Cortijo y su Combo, Daniel Jobim, Billy Preston, Louis Armstrong and many more.

IMAGE : The Beauty Myth Photo by Nicole Makauskas

Harry Waren: All-time favorite written for Dick Powell to serenade Olivia De Havilland within a boat on a lake! “You must have been a beautiful baby” has been successfully revived more than once over the years. This was the first hit that Harry co-wrote with Johnny Mercer which is by far the highlight of the film “Hard To Get.”

Bing Crosby : Meanwhile, record executive Jack Kapp, using Bing’s loyalty to him as a come-on, found backing to start his own company, Decca, which saved the then moribund industry by lowering the price of records. (does it ring a bell?).

National Endowment for the Arts : By the early 1950s, Camero was a featured soloist with the Stan Kenton Orchestra, with whom he toured the U.S. playing three congas (at a time when other congueros were playing only one) in addition to a cowbell and guiro (a fluted gourd played with strokes from a stick).

Cortijo Y Su : Cortijo learned how to make the timbas from them; the barrel drums which he used to entice a young Ismael Rivera to join his descargas at the beach. For the next three decades, these close friends lived a life in which whatever they experienced as individuals, was lived by them both, as one: fame, alcohol and drug addiction and even jail.

Hard Bop : Admired by the modernists at Minton’s no less than by the swing-styled players of his own generation on 52nd Street, Don Byas was celebrated as a tireless, original and influential saxophonist. His solo on Basie’s “Harvard Blues” had created a stir in 1941 and he followed it with a remarkable series of recordings for small labels. In his romantic approach to “Laura,” he had something of a hit.

Russell : Triste means “sad” in Portugese, and sad I am that Antonio Carlos Jobim is no longer with us. This two CD set featuring the songs of Jobim performed by Gal Costa is probably the greatest tribute to Jobim I have heard and it has been my pleasure to own.

Lucho Gatica : Lucho’s personal life has been as intense as his professional life. “With a sweetheart in every port” he was considered a playboy during the first part of his career, but in 1960 Lucho made headlines when he married beauty queen-actress Mapita Cortes who had represented Puerto Rico in the 1957 Miss Universe Pageant.

PLAYLIST : Candido – Beautiful (2.34) . Gal Costa – Bonita (4.00) . Sarah Vaughn – I Feel Pretty (2.35) . Roy Orbison – Beautiful Dreamer (2.19) . Taj Mahal – My Creole Belle (2.59) . Cortijo y su Combo – Bella Mujer (2.33) . Marvin Gaye – Pretty Little Baby (2.36) . Duke Ellington – Pretty girl (3.02) . Lucho Gatica – María Bonita (3.14) . Shazz – Hermosa maria (5.28) . Billy Preston – You Are So Beautiful (4.51) . Daniel Jobim – Bonita Demais (3.29) . Willie ‘The Lion’ Smith – Pretty Baby (3.14) . Don Byas – A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody (2.57) . Louis Armstrong – The Beautiful American (3.09) . Bing Crosby – You must have been a beautiful baby (2.57) . Una Mae Carlisle Feat. Lester Young – Beautiful Eyes (3.03) . Sonny Rollins – The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (5.36) .


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