This week In Soul Artists 17/52

The Neville Brothers, James Brown, Parliament Funkadelic, Narada Michael Walden, The Brothers Johnson, George Benson, Zapp Band, The Temptations, Luther Vandross, Billy Paul, Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton

. They are the Soul Artists selected among the 359 Posts we publish this week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


This week In Soul Artists 17/52


1 . The Neville Brothers . Big Chief

Lifted from : The Neville Brothers travel to New-Jersey (1987)

2 . James Brown . Sex Machine

Lifted from : James Brown on Italian TV (1971)

3 . Parliament Funkadelic . Standing On the Verge of Gettin’ It On

Lifted from : Westbound publish Funkadelic’s ‘Standing on the Verge of Getting It On,’ their sixth album (1974)

4 . Narada Michael Walden . I Shoulda Loved Ya

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Narada Michael Walden. ‘Mas Que Narada’

5 . The Brothers Johnson . Ain’t We Funkin’ Now

Lifted from : The Brothers Johnson funkify New-Jersey (1980)

6 . George Benson . On Broadway

Lifted from : George Benson plays at New Orleans Jazz Fest (2013)

7 . Zapp Band . Computer Love

Lifted from : We remember Roger Troutman. ‘Zapp Papa’

8 . The Temptations . I Wish It Would Rain

Lifted from : Gordy publish ‘Wish It Would Rain,’ an album by The Temptations (1968)

9 . Luther Vandross . Power of Love (Love Power)

Lifted from : Luther Vandross releases ‘Power of Love,’ his seventh album co-produced with Marcus Miller (1991)

10 . Billy Paul . Me And Mrs. Jones

Lifted from : We remember Billy Paul. ‘We And Mr. Paul’

11 . Janet Jackson– China Love

Lifted from : Virgin publish Janet Jackson’s seventh album . ‘All for You’ (2001)

12 . Toni Braxton . Spanish Guitar

Lifted from : Toni Braxton releases ‘The Heat’ featuring ‘He Wasn’t Man Enough’ and ‘Spanish Guitar’ (2000)


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