Bruford records ‘One of a Kind’ with Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Berlin and Dave Stewart (1979)

Bruford’s ‘One of a Kind’ is an album featuring Bill Bruford with Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Berlin and Dave Stewart, recorded in January 1979, and released in June 1979 By Winterfold.


Bruford records ‘One of a Kind’ with Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Berlin and Dave Stewart (1979)

1 . Hell’s Bells

Track Listing : 1.Hell’S Bells (Alan Gowen, Dave Stewart) – 03:32 . 2.One Of A Kind, Pt. 1 (Bill Bruford) – 02:20 . 3.One Of A Kind, Pt. 2 (Bill Bruford, Dave Stewart) – 04:00 . 4.Travels With Myself — And Someone Else (Bill Bruford) – 06:10 . 5.Fainting In Coils (Bill Bruford) – 06:33 . 6.Five G (Jeff Berlin, Bill Bruford, Dave Stewart) – 04:41 . 7.The Abingdon Chasp (Allan Holdsworth) – 04:50 . 8.Forever Until Sunday (Bill Bruford) – 05:46 . 9.The Sahara Of Snow, Pt. 1 (Bill Bruford) – 05:18 . 10.The Sahara Of Snow, Pt. 2 (Bill Bruford, Eddie Jobson) – 03:23

Musicians : Bill Bruford – Percussion, Drums . Jeff Berlin – Bass, Vocals . Allan Holdsworth – Guitar . Dave Stewart – Keyboards, Synthesizers . Eddie Jobson – Violin

Production : Produced By Bill Bruford . Stephen W Tayler – Engineer

Package : Alwyn Clayden – Art Direction, Design . Sheila Rock – Photography . John Shaw – Photography

Recorded In January & February 1979 At Trident Studios In London.

Released In June 1979 By Winterfold.


All About Jazz
That “Hell’s Bells” and “The Abingdon Chasp” seemed to fit seamlessly within the overall complexion of the album is simply a testament to the fact that, while every member was a strong musical personality, they were also an ensemble that moved forward with a singular vision. […]
The jazzy and slightly Spanish opening section gives way to a mid-’70s Zappa-like section. (Think Ruth Underwood.) Then Holdsworth starts ripping away. […]

From the get-go, this collection of ten tracks stands as a maelstrom of chops, arranging skills and inspired ensemble playing. Easily the dynamics between drums, keys and fretless bass provide a high profile, capable structure for Holdsworth’s top-flight soloing ability. […]


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