Hiromi Uehara records ‘Voice’ with bassist Anthony Jackson and drummer Simon Phillips (2011)

Hiromi Uehara‘s ‘Voice’ is an album recorded on November 9–11, 2010, as part of her Trio Project featuring bassist Anthony Jackson and drummer Simon Phillips and released on June 7, 2011 by Telarc Digital.


Hiromi Uehara records ‘Voice’ with bassist Anthony Jackson and drummer Simon Phillips (2011)

1 . Labyrinth (w/ Anthony Jackson & Steve Smith, San Sebastian Jazzaldia Festival, 2013)

2 . Labyrinth (Solo)

3 . Haze

4 . Haze ( w/ Interview)

5 . Beethoven ‘Pathetique’ [Adagio Cantabile] (“The Trio Project”)

6 . Voice (w/ Anthony Jackson & Simon Phillips, “The Trio Project”)

Track Listing : 1.Voice (Hiromi Uehara) – 09:13 . 2.Flashback (Hiromi Uehara) – 08:39 . 3.Now Or Never (Hiromi Uehara) – 06:15 . 4.Temptation (Hiromi Uehara) – 07:54 . 5.Labyrinth (Hiromi Uehara) – 07:40 . 6.Desire (Hiromi Uehara) – 07:19 . 7.Haze (Hiromi Uehara) – 05:54 . 8.Delusion (Hiromi Uehara) – 07:49 . 9.Beethoven’S Piano Sonata N°8 – Pathetique (Ludwig Van Beethoven) – 05:13

Musicians : Hiromi Uehara – Piano . Anthony Jackson – Bass . Simon Phillips – Drums

Production : Produced By Michael Bishop . Michael Bishop – Engineer, Mastering, Mixing . Sean Kelly – Assistant Engineer

Package : Anilda Carrasquillo – Package Design . Sakiko Nomura – Photography

Recorded On November 9–11, 2010.

Released On June 7, 2011 By Telarc Digital.

Hiromi Uehara


The Absolute Sound
Much credit goes to Michael Bishop’s recording, which pushes the piano, synths, bass, drumsand cymbals right into your room where their presence—sharp-edged or rounded and burnished at exactly the right moments—pulsates against the silence. But Voice is more than one of best-engineered piano records this side of ECM; […]

The skill of all musicians cruising their instruments with passion and skill is amazing. And they are not wanking, this is music ***ers. What happens on this same track at 7 minutes is sex. […]

No Treble
She clearly loves playing with Phillips and the two push each other to some thrilling moments. Hiromi sounds joyous throughout. There are the odd moments of odd meter bombast (Phillips sometimes sounds over-clever) but there are many moments where the trio build some intricate, ebullient excitement. […]


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