Finnish Tango

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Finnish Tango : When I said I was going to Finland for the Tangomarkkinat, various people had comments to make. My sister Penny said that most Finns are bilingual, but the second language of choice is usually Swedish.

Museum of Learning : But, dressed in a stage gown made by her sister Eija, Arja Koriseva became Tango Queen at her first attempt and turned the Tangomarkkinat from a local festival to an event of national importance. The Tangomarkkinat organisers tried to get her to adopt the stage name Arja Karen, as koriseva means “wheezing” in Finnish.

Movement Invites Movement : Yes, there is a very large tango scene in Finland, but Finnish Tango is just that: Finnish Tango. It is not Argentine Tango and does not resemble Argentine Tango in any way. In fact, it mostly resembles ballroom tango, as does the music.

L’astronave : Olavi Virta sang tango and schlager, or “iskelmä”, music. It reminds me of all those Italian crooner’s stuff, and he really was called the Finnish Frank Sinatra.Here’s the music video for “Sinun silmiesi tähden” (1953). Frankly, it’s better if you close your eyes.

subito-cantabile : Georg Ots is one of the few well-schooled Soviet singers after Worldwar II. In my opinion, there was only one baritone who was his equal, the great Armenian Pavel Lisitsian.

Wikipedia : On September 25, 1979 Tapio Rautavaara slipped and fell while posing for a photo at the Tikkurila Swimming Center in Vantaa and hit his head on the floor. He was taken to a nearby health center, where his injuries were not taken seriously, as staff believed him to be drunk. His head was bandaged and he was sent home. The next night, he died as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage at his home in Oulunkylä, Helsinki.

Discogs : In 1973 Rauli “Badding” Somerjoki recorded the song “Ja rokki soi” (written by Matti Ja Teppo), which was a surprising success, and it lead to the rerelease of the first album, which sold this time a lot better. : One of Taipale’s first hits was the quintessential 1962 recording of the classic Finnish tango “Satumaa” (Dreamland). This Unto Mononen song was even covered by Frank Zappa later on, and popular songs referencing the song were successfully released in the 2000s by Maija Vilkkumaa and Tuomari Nurmio.

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