This Week New Music Videos (Ladies Only) – N°397

Here are the brand new music videos by female artists that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

51 . Loren Allred – Over The Rainbow

Date Added : Apr 26,2024

Loren Allred, American singer-songwriter born September 7, 1989, is known for “Never Enough” from “The Greatest Showman.” She competed on The Voice 2012, collaborated with Michael Bublé and performed with Andrea Bocelli. She also contributed to “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth” theme and performed at The Game Awards 2023.

I Hear Your Voice (2023)

50 . Natalia Lafourcade – Pajarito Colibrí

Date Added : Apr 26,2024

Natalia Lafourcade, born February 26, 1984, in Mexico City, has been a prominent figure in Latin music, blending pop and folk elements. Her albums, like “Mujer Divina” and “Musas,” pay homage to Latin American folklore, earning her multiple Latin Grammy wins. Lafourcade’s work on Coco’s “Remember Me” broadened her international appeal, contributing to her Grammy win for “Un Canto Por México – El Musical.”

Hasta La Raíz (2015)

49 . Dhurata Dora – Sheqer

Date Added : Apr 26,2024

Dhurata Dora, born in 1992 in Nuremberg, Germany, is a Kosovo-Albanian pop singer. Known for “A Bombi” in 2016 and the platinum-hit “Zemër” with Soolking. She’s a prominent figure in Balkan pop music.

Zemër (W/ Soolking) (2019)

48 . Maan – Paranoia

Date Added : Apr 26,2024

Maan, a Dutch singer and actress, won The Voice of Holland Season 6. Known for hits like “Blijf Bij Mij” with Ronnie Flex and “Hij Is Van Mij.” She has become a well-known figure in the Dutch pop scene.

Perfect World (2016)

47 . Dasha – Austin

Date Added : Apr 25,2024

Dasha, a singer-songwriter from San Luis Obispo, California, transitioned from pop to country music, influenced by her hometown’s songwriting culture. She began performing locally at age ten and pursued musical theater.
Music video directed by : Hunter Moreno

Make A Scene (2023)

46 . Zaho de Sagazan – Ne Te Regarde Pas [Live]

Date Added : Apr 25,2024

Zaho de Sagazan, born in France in 1999, is an emerging artist influenced by 1980s electronic music and French chanson. Her debut album “La Symphonie des éclairs” achieved gold status in 2023. Known for her powerful music and introspective lyrics, Zaho embarked on a successful tour in 2024.
Music video directed by : Adeline Chahin – Song featured on the album : La Symphonie Des Éclairs

Les Dormantes (2022)

45 . Pia Pounds – Yo Body

Date Added : Apr 25,2024

Pia Pounds, real name Tracy Kirabo, is a Ugandan singer-songwriter known for “Tupaate,” which featured on Netflix’s “Young, Famous & African.” After starting at Eddy Kenzo’s Big Talent, she co-founded the African Bureau of Music and won a 2021 Janzi Award.
Music video directed by : Mastermind Laray

Pia Pounds (2020)

44 . Mitski – Star

Date Added : Apr 24,2024

Mitski, an American indie rock artist, gained acclaim with “Bury Me at Makeout Creek” (2014), “Puberty 2” (2016), and “Be the Cowboy” (2018). Known for her piano-based arrangements and candid lyrics, she’s contributed to various projects and incorporates Butoh-inspired choreography in her performances.
Music video directed by : Maegan Houang – Song featured on the album : The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We

Nobody (2018)

43 . Ayra Starr – Commas [Live]

Date Added : Apr 24,2024

Nigerian singer Ayra Starr emerged with her eponymous EP in 2021, leading to her hit album “19 & Dangerous” featuring “Bloody Samaritan.” Born on June 14, 2002, in Benin, and raised in Lagos, she transitioned from modeling to music, signing with Mavin Records. Her work melds Afropop, R&B, and neo-soul.

Rush (2022)

42 . Marina Kaye – The Freedom In Goodbye [Let It Go]

Date Added : Apr 24,2024

Marina Kaye, born in 1998 in Marseille, France, gained fame after winning “La France a un incroyable talent” at age 13. Her debut single “Homeless” topped the French charts. Albums include “Fearless” and “Explicit,” with the former achieving triple platinum status in France.
Music video directed by : Alexandre Saltiel

The Whole 9 (2020)

41 . Rose Villain – Come Un Tuono (w/ Guè)

Date Added : Apr 24,2024

Italian artist Rose Villain gained fame with “Don Medellín” and “Chico,” earning platinum certifications. Her debut album “Radio Gotham” showcases her pop, dancehall, and urban fusion, charting high on Italy’s music charts.
Music video directed by : Amedeo Zancanella – Song featured on the album : Radio Sakura

Rari (2022)

40 . Juliana – 24 Horas

Date Added : Apr 23,2024

Juliana Velásquez, born February 22, 1998, in Bogotá, Colombia, won the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist in 2021. Her albums include “Juliana” and “DOS DOS DOS,” with singles such as “Montaña Rusa” and “Electricidad (2:21am).”

Narices Frias (2023)

39 . Naïka – 6:45 [Acoustic]

Date Added : Apr 23,2024

Naïka, born in Miami, Florida, combines Western Pop, R’n’B, and World Music. She is multilingual, singing in English, French, and Haitian Creole. Her global upbringing influences her music, allowing for a diverse range of musical styles and themes.
Music video directed by : Tannie Xin Tang

Ma Chérie (2022)

38 . Ouidad – Casa [Arabic Version]

Date Added : Apr 23,2024

Ouidad, a French-Moroccan singer and pharmacist, gained attention with her cover of “Zina” and original single “Casa” in 2023. Signed to Funny Stone Productions and Play Two, she released “Je Reste” in December 2023.
Music video directed by : Pola

Casa (2023)

37 . Anne Wilson – Songs About Whiskey

Date Added : Apr 23,2024

Anne Wilson, born February 21, 2002, in Lexington, Kentucky, entered the Christian music scene with the platinum-certified hit “My Jesus” in 2021. Wilson has received multiple Dove Awards and a Grammy nomination. Her second album “Rebel” was released in 2024.

Sunday Sermons (2022)

36 . Qveen Herby – Stripped [Live]

Date Added : Apr 22,2024

Qveen Herby, born Amy Renee Noonan in 1986, transitioned from pop duo Karmin to a solo R&B/rap artist in 2017. Her discography includes multiple EPs and albums like “A Woman” and “The Muse” (2023). Her style mixes R&B with rap, and she operates under her label, Checkbook Records.
Music video directed by : Nick Noonan

Busta Rhymes (2018)

35 . Sasha Keable – Hold Up

Date Added : Apr 22,2024

Sasha Keable, a British singer-songwriter with Colombian roots, gained recognition from her collaboration with Disclosure on “Voices”. She has released EPs like “Black Book” (2013) and “Intermission” (2021), exploring themes of heartbreak and self-love under Polydor Records.
Music video directed by : Jackson Forsythe

Killing Me (W/ Jorja Smith) (2022)

34 . Era Istrefi – Mona Lisa

Date Added : Apr 22,2024

Era Istrefi, born in Pristina, Kosovo in 1994, burst into the music scene with “BonBon”. She blends dancehall, hip hop, and pop in her music. Istrefi performed the 2018 FIFA World Cup official song “Live It Up” with Will Smith and Nicky Jam. Her debut was “Mani për Money” (2013).
Music video directed by : Lau

Bonbon (2016)

33 . Mimi Webb – Mistake

Date Added : Apr 22,2024

Mimi Webb, born Amelia Anne Webb in England, began her music career at 18 when she signed with Virgin EMI Records in 2019. Based in London, she has gained recognition as a TikTok breakthrough star.

House On Fire (2022)

32 . Neoni – Utopia

Date Added : Apr 21,2024

Neoni, a Nashville-based duo of sisters Caitlin and Sidney Powell, started in Denver in 2013. Their music has featured in UFC, NFL, and TV shows like “Supernatural.” Notable albums include “Wars in a Wonderland” (2021) and “All My Favorite Monsters” (2022).

Villain (2023)

31 . Ladyva – You’ve Got This

Date Added : Apr 21,2024

Swiss musician Ladyva, born Vanessa Sabrina Gnaegi, is recognized for her boogie-woogie piano style. Notable for performances at major festivals and on TV, her albums include “Vanessa G – The Boogie Woogie Lady” (2009).
Music video directed by : Sebastian Kahuna – Song featured on the album : Steam Train Boogie

Ladyva’S Stomp (2022)

30 . Sofia Coll – Q No

Date Added : Apr 21,2024

Sofia Coll i Benito, from Barcelona, Spain, gained fame in “La Voz Kids” and “Eufòria.” She began her music career in 2019 with “Before I Forget What’s Love” and released “Génesis” in 2020.
Music video directed by : Óscar Fernández

29 . Zinée – Mezzel (w/ Chilly Gonzales)

Date Added : Apr 21,2024

French artist Zinée, born Lisa Dellus in Toulouse, has released albums “ZZCCMXTP,” “Spectre,” and “Cobalt.”
Music video directed by : Killian Boucheret

Même Pas Ma (2022)

28 . Perrie – Forget About Us

Date Added : Apr 20,2024

Perrie Edwards, born on July 10, 1993, in South Shields, England, gained prominence as part of Little Mix, formed on “The X Factor” (2011). As a solo artist, she launched the fashion brand Disora in 2021, and has collaborated with brands like Superga. Song featured on the album : Perrievevo

27 . PinkPantheress – Reason

Date Added : Apr 20,2024

PinkPantheress, born April 18, 2001, in Bath, UK, blends genres like bedroom pop and 2-step garage. Her songs “Pain” and “Just for Me” went viral on TikTok in 2021, leading to her debut mixtape “To Hell With It.” She was named BBC’s Sound of 2022 and received a Brit Award nomination for the track “Obsessed With You” by Central Cee.
Music video directed by : Lauzza – Song featured on the album : Pinkpantheress

Boy’S A Liar Pt. 2 (W/ Ice Spice) (2023)

26 . Xin Liu – Reality

Date Added : Apr 20,2024

Xin Liu, born April 20, 1997, in Guizhou, China, first joined the group Lady Bees in 2016. Her debut EP “Xin” (2018) showcased pop and electronic dance music. Liu rose to fame as the top contestant on “Youth With You Season 2” (2020), subsequently leading the girl group The9.
Music video directed by : Cloud – Song featured on the album : 88Rising

Boom Tick Boom [Studio Session] (2023)

25 . Paty Cantú – Funeral 2.0

Date Added : Apr 20,2024

Paty Cantú, a Mexican singer-songwriter born on November 25, 1983, started with the duo Lu, achieving hits like “Por Besarte.” Her solo career began with “Me Quedo Sola” (2009), followed by albums like “Afortunadamente No Eres Tú” (2010). Song featured on the album : Paty Cantú

Suerte (2013)

24 . Ivi Adamou, Ήβη Αδάμου – Είπες

Date Added : Apr 20,2024

Ivi Adamou, born November 24, 1993, in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, gained attention from “The X Factor” Greece (2009) and represented Cyprus at Eurovision 2012 with “La La Love.” Her music career spans pop and dance.
Music video directed by : Yiannis Papadako – Song featured on the album : Panikrecordstube

La La Love (2012)

23 . Tems – Born In The Wild

Date Added : Apr 18,2024

Nigerian artist Tems, born June 11, 1995, gained recognition with “For Broken Ears” (2020). Her collaboration with Wizkid on “Essence” reached Billboard Hot 100’s top ten. She is the first African female artist to top this chart with “Wait for U.”

Crazy Tings (2022)

22 . TiaCorine – Shamone

Date Added : Apr 18,2024

American rapper TiaCorine, born in North Carolina, gained attention with “Lotto” and “FreakyT.” With diverse cultural roots, she began showcasing her talent early. Signing with South Coast Music Group, her debut EP “34Corine” (2020) and album “The Saga of 34Corine” (2021) reflect her unique style.Song featured on the album : Almost There’ Ep

Freaky T (2022)

21 . Roxy Dekker – Sugardaddy

Date Added : Apr 18,2024

Dutch pop singer Roxy Dekker debuted in 2021 with “Begin Met Jou.” Her TikTok-originated hit “Anne-Fleur Vakantie” reached Top 50 charts. Other notable tracks include “Spijt” and “Satisfyer.”
Music video directed by : Tristan Hageman

20 . Zélie – En Rosalie

Date Added : Apr 18,2024

French artist Zélie features emotive performances and unique vocal presence. Her work includes the single “Zélie c’est quoi?” and covers like “Au revoir mon amour” on her YouTube channel.
Music video directed by : Samuel Colin – Song featured on the album : Un Million De Petits Chocs

Zélie C’Est Quoi ? (2023)

19 . Ángela Aguilar – Toda Una Vida

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

Ángela Aguilar, born October 8, 2003, in Los Angeles, launched her career with the album “Nueva Tradición” in 2012. Her 2018 “Primero Soy Mexicana” earned her a Grammy nomination.

Dime Cómo Quieres (W/ Christian Nodal) (2021)

18 . Zoe Ko – Dirt

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

Zoe Ko, a New York City-based indie pop-rock artist, debuted with “Baby Teeth” EP on November 3, 2023. Tracks like “Pink Noise” and “Petri Dish” highlight her style. Her single “Lovesick in Public” exceeded a million streams, establishing her in the pop-rock scene.

Line (2023)

17 . yoa – Matcha Queen

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

French-Swiss singer Yoa, born in 1992, has explored pop music and film, appearing in “Les Immortelles” (2019). Composer and singer, she is known for her track “Attente” from the album of the same name.
Music video directed by : Jade De Brito

Maddy (2023)

16 . Weyes Blood – Andromeda

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

Weyes Blood is the alias of American singer-songwriter Natalie Laura Mering, born June 11, 1988. Known for her chamber pop and psychedelic folk style, her albums include “The Outside Room” (2011), “The Innocents” (2014), “Front Row Seat to Earth” (2016), and “Titanic Rising” (2019). Her 2022 album “And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow” received critical acclaim. Mering’s music reflects her church music upbringing.
Music video directed by : Natalie Mering, Ambar Navarro, Colton Stock – Song featured on the album : Titanic Rising

Andromeda (2018)

15 . Julia Pratt – Chronos Cruel Handler

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

Philadelphia-based Julia Pratt, 23, focuses on themes of family and identity in her music. Known for EPs like “Fallout.”
Music video directed by : Samantha D’Alessio

Fallout (2022)

14 . Charlotte Day Wilson – Canopy

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

Charlotte Day Wilson, from Toronto, gained recognition with “Work” and collaborations with BadBadNotGood. Her album “Alpha” and recent “Cyan Blue” highlight her R&B and soulful style. She’s been nominated for several Juno Awards, including Songwriter of the Year, and launched a grant for female video directors.
Music video directed by : Sylvain ChausséE – Song featured on the album : Cyan Blue

Work (2016)

13 . Nuha Ruby Ra – Fetish 2 Forget

Date Added : Apr 15,2024

Nuha Ruby Ra, an avant-punk artist from East London, is known for her energetic and experimental performances. Her EPs, “How To Move” and “Machine Like Me” (2023), highlight her distinctive approach to music, characterized by discordant and transgressive sounds.

My Voice (2022)

12 . Alice Merton – How Well Do You Know Your Feelings? (w/ London Contemporary Voices)

Date Added : Apr 15,2024

Alice Merton, born September 13, 1993, in Germany, rose with “No Roots” EP in 2017. “Mint” in 2019 and “S.I.D.E.S.” in 2022 highlighted her indie pop-rock blend. Winning the 2018 European Border Breakers Award, she collaborated with Tom Odell on “Half As Good As You”.
Music video directed by : Alice Merton

No Roots (2017)

11 . Sarah Reeves – Get Back Your Fight

Date Added : Apr 15,2024

Sarah Elizabeth Reeves, born in 1989 in Athens, Alabama, is a Christian musician whose 2009 EP “Sweet Sweet Sound” charted on Billboard’s Christian Albums chart. Her albums include “Broken Things” (2011) and “Life Love & Madness” (2020), featuring a mix of pop and worship music styles.

Best Days (2023)

10 . Kat Duma – So Long

Date Added : Apr 15,2024

Kat Duma, a Serbian-Canadian experimental pop artist based in Toronto, released her debut album “Real Life” in 2023. The album, characterized by its atmospheric and immersive qualities, explores themes of reality and hyperreality influenced by media distortion.
Music video directed by : Austin Hutchings

Real Life (2023)

9 . Tanner Adell – Whiskey Blue

Date Added : Apr 14,2024

Tanner Adell, an American country artist from Kentucky, signed with Columbia Records and released “Buckle Bunny” in 2023. The album features the hit “Buckle Bunny” and blends country traditions with modern elements.
Music video directed by : Chase Foster

Luke Combs (2023)

8 . Yseult – Suicide

Date Added : Apr 14,2024

French artist Yseult Onguenet, runner-up on “Nouvelle Star” 2014, released her debut with Polydor Records in 2015. Known for EPs like “Rouge” and “Brut,” she addresses personal themes and has appeared in modeling campaigns for ASOS.
Music video directed by : Colin Solal Cardo

Corps (2020)

7 . Erin Kinsey – I Ain’t Crazy

Date Added : Apr 14,2024

Erin Kinsey, a talented country singer from Texas, gained attention with viral hits like “Drunk Too” and “Just Drive.” As a multi-instrumentalist and skilled songwriter with contributions to anthems like “Pink.”

I Got You (2022)

6 . Cat Burns – Alone

Date Added : Apr 14,2024

English singer-songwriter Cat Burns, from Streatham, London, rose to fame with her single “Go” (2021), which peaked at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart. Known for her soulful voice and emotive lyrics, Burns released “Emotionally Unavailable” EP in 2022.
Music video directed by : Libby Burke Wilde

Go (2022)

5 . Sabrina Carpenter – Espresso

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Sabrina Carpenter gained early fame with her lead role in Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World.” Then her music career took off with her 2014 debut single “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying,” she has since released a series of successful albums, including “Eyes Wide Open” (2015), “Singular: Act I” (2018) and the 2022 album “Emails I Can’t Send,” featuring the viral hit “Nonsense.”
Music video directed by : Dave Meyers

Can’T Blame A Girl For Trying (2014)

4 . girl in red – I’m Back

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Girl in Red, the indie pop project of Norwegian Marie Ulven, began in 2018. Known for “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” and the album “If I Could Make It Go Quiet” (2021), her music addresses queer themes and mental health, resonating with a wide audience and earning RIAA certifications.
Music video directed by : Isak Jenssen – Song featured on the album : I’M Doing It Again Baby!

We Fell In Love In October (2018)

3 . Salle – Countdown

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Nigerian singer Salle, born in 2004 in Owerri, gained fame in 2021. Her singles include “Journey Back Home” and “Let Me See.” Her music highlights her soulful voice and has reached both local and international audiences.
Music video directed by : Director Wey

Try Me Rebel [Live] (W/ Tems) (2022)

2 . Mallaury – Baby Boy

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Parisian artist Mallaury, influenced by Jhene Aiko and Drake, collaborates with Ekynoxx, embracing Progressive RnB. She began her serious music career at 17.
Music video directed by : Mamby Kamissoko – Song featured on the album : Love 66 (Ep)

Doucement (W/ Robin) (2023)

1 . Rosaway – Girl

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Parisian duo Rosaway blends soul, gospel, and rock, forming in 2017. Their EP “Dreamer” reflects their diverse musical influences, featuring Rachel Ombredane’s ethereal vocals and Stéphane Avellaneda’s drumming.
Music video directed by : Audrey + Wandy

Dreamer (2021)

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