‘James Blake’ releases his eponymous debut album (2011)

‘James Blake’ is his eponymous debut studio album released on 4 February 2011 by ATLAS (his own label).

Track Listing : 1.Unluck (James Blake) – 03:00 . 2.The Wilhelm Scream (James Blake, James Litherland[36] . 3.I Never Learnt To Share (James Blake) – 04:51 . 4.Lindisfarne I (James Blake) – 02:42 . 5.Lindisfarne Ii (James Blake, Rob Mcandrews) – 03:01 . 6.Limit To Your Love (Leslie Feist, Jason “Gonzales” Charles Beck) – 04:36 . 7.Give Me My Month (James Blake) – 01:56 . 8.To Care (Like You) (James Blake) – 03:52 . 9.Why Don’T You Call Me (James Blake) – 01:35 . 10.I Mind (James Blake) – 03:31 . 11.Measurements (James Blake) – 04:19

Musicians : James Blake – Vocals, Instrumentation . Rob Mcandrews – Acoustic Guitar On (5)

Production : Produced By James Blake . James Blake – Engineer . Rob Mcandrews – Engineer

Package : Alexander Brown – Design, Photography . Erika Wall – Cover Photo

Recorded 2009-2010.

Released On February 4, 2011 By Atlas.


Resident Advisor
What Blake sacrifices in songcraft he makes up with graceful, often breathtaking atmospherics. But it’s that very delicacy of his structuring that makes his songs seem so ephemeral and tough to embrace. […]

Reconsidered from the other artistic end, however, the implication is that maybe this is the decade where singer-songwriters– longtime wastrels of pianos and six-strings with three chords– finally get interesting, manipulating their pretty little voices and best love songs for something more than plain ballads and pleas. […]

The Guardian
Unluck features a jarring disjointed beat, see-sawing chords that are gradually eaten away by distortion and largely drowned out by Blake’s vocal, which for some reason seems to have been recorded at twice the volume of everything else. […]


‘James Blake’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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