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Rich Robinson, Gary Moore, John Lee Hooker & Carlos Santana, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Stanley Jordan, Gary Clark Jr, Eric Clapton, Mick Jones, Jeff Beck, Leslie West, Prince

Singing With Billy Joel

Tony Bennett, Paul McCartney, John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Sting, Ray Charles, Jimmy Fallon, Lou Gramm, Mick Jones, Brian Johnson, Boyz II Men, Rufus Wainwright

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Brian Johnson & Billy Joel, Jeff Beck & Beth Hart, Etta James, Grateful Dead & Tower Of Power, Marianne Faithfull & David Bowie, Kelly Clarkson & John Legend, Annie Lennox & Al Green, Natalie Cole & Diana Krall, Patti Smith & R.E.M, Ian Dury & Mick Jones, Boz Scaggs & Los Lobos, Dean Martin & Tony Bennett, Julie Andrews, John Denver & Placido Domingo

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America, George Michael, Barry Manilow, John Legend, Lou Gramm. Jay Kay, Leonard Cohen, Demis Roussos, Barry White, Dean Martin, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield

‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’ N°627 – Vintage 2000s Music Videos

Bizarre Quotes • If you see us around, I got something else to show you (The White Stripes) • He knows that he's gonna have fun with you (Babyshambles & Friends) • So light, your mouth and shoot your brain (Chikinki) • o you want to hold me up and bring me down (Funeral For A Friend) • I wore the blue with the green (Young Knives) • And I feel, like I'm losing my head (Doves) • That's where she lies, broken inside (Avril Lavigne) •

Music-wise : Pop, Dance Pop, Rock, R&B

For ‘In the Blue Light,’ Paul Simon hires Bill Frisell, Wynton Marsalis and others to revisit several old and more obscure pieces of his catalogue. De(blue)lightful!

Paul Simon's 'In the Blue Light' is his fourteenth solo studio album recorded with among others Bill Frisell, Wynton Marsalis, Bryce Dessner from The National and the yMusic sextet and released on September 7, 2018 by Legacy Recordings.

(Source Paul Simon - In the Blue Light | The Paul Simon Official Site)

<a href=Paul Simon
's 'In the Blue Light' ' />

Rolling Stone

But leave it to Simon—who made Nile Rodgers play 90-something guitar takes for one session—to redo songs in ways that don’t exactly overhaul the originals.

The Independent

...they are contemplative and melancholic one moment, silly and absurdist the next The Times

is a strange choice for a songwriter of his stature: a reworking of songs he felt were overlooked or not quite right first time

Paul Simon - In the Blue Light


This week In (Animated) New Music Videos 98

Travis, Pussy Riot, Dropkick Murphys, Bibio, Chuck Prophet, Covet, Juice WRLD, Sean Christopher, Mike Cervello, El Pepo, OUENZA, Joey Nato are the performers of the (animated only) music videos that caught, these past days, our interest and musical or visual liking.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


1 . Travis . A Ghost

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2 . Pussy Riot . 1312 (w/ Parcas, Dillom, Muerejoven)

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3 . Dropkick Murphys . Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding

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4 . BiBio . Sleep On The Wing

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5 . Chuck Prophet . Nixonland

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6 . Covet . parachute

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7 . Juice WRLD . Tell Me . Luv Me (w/ Trippie Redd)

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