Colour Me Blues

From ‘White summer’ to ‘One Black Rat’, we have mixed 19 ‘Blues‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Colours‘. It has Ray Charles, Taj Mahal , Memphis Minnie, The Yardbirds and many more.

IMAGE : Green (Blue and Yellow) Photo by John Morgan

soulwalking: Lowell Fulson’s first single for the label was ‘Reconsider Baby,’ recorded in Dallas under Stan Lewis’s supervision with a sax section that included David ‘Fathead’ Newman on tenor and Leroy Cooper on baritone.

CD Baby : Over the years John Dee Holeman’s musical and dancing skills were sharpened in local competitions at house parties, cornshuckings, woodcuttings, and other rural recreations.

The Wrld of Marion-Net : By now in 1955, Joe Liggins realizes what all the pioneer R & B performers see – the new rock and roll audience is a whole lot younger and they relate to the younger performers. By 1956 it is the music of teenage America and any of the older R & B performers that can still make it big in the music field are few and far between (Fats Domino and Ray Charles being notable exceptions).

Music Maker : Albert White’s uncle, the legendary Piano Red, noticed that Albert was actually playing self-made chords on a ukulele at the age of nine. Red sent Albert to take lessons from his guitarist,

Southern Music : Minnie was as tough a drinker and blues singer as any man. She returned to Memphis in the 20s where, accompanied by her guitarist, second husband Kansas Joe McCoy, she was discovered on Beale Street by Columbia Records in 1929. : Jim Jackson’s recorded material is firmly rooted in nineteenth-century style and structure. Certainly his guitar-strumming technique distinguishes him from younger finger-picking contemporaries like Furry Lewis, Robert Wilkins, and Tampa Red.

Wikipedia : Dick Justice’s “Cocaine” is a verse-for-verse cover of the Jordan track of the same name recorded two years earlier. The song “Brownskin Blues” is also stylistically akin the much of Jordan’s work but stands on its own as a Justice original. As Jordan hailed from around Lynchburg, Virginia it is perhaps worth speculating that the two may have been associates.

Document Records : In addition to recordings made under his own name Sam Price became a house pianist for Decca and appeared on records with many well known blues and jazz singers. His solid, imaginative blues, jazz, boogie-woogie and swing based piano accompaniments were vital ingredients to the success of many recordings.

PLAYLIST : Lowell Fulson – Blue Shadows (2.27) . The Yardbirds – White summer (3.47) . Muddy Waters & Howlin’Wolf – Red Rooster (3.49) . Jimi Hendrix – Red House (13.06) . Joe Liggins & His Honeydrippers – Pink Champagne (3.00) . Ella Fitzgerald – Yellow Man (2.18) . Etta James – Born Blue (3.26) . Lightin’Hopkins – Buddy Brown’s Blues (4.07) . Ray Charles – Greenbacks (2.50) . Roosevelt Sykes – Jet Black Snake (3.19) . Memphis Minnie – Black Rat Swing (2.59) . John Dee Holeman – One Black Rat (3.27) . Champion Jack Dupree – Cabbage greens n° 1 (2.34) . Taj Mahal – Going Up To The Country & Paint My Mailbox Blue (2.59) . Dick Justice – Brownskin Blues (3.13) . Leadbelly – Yellow Gal (2.21) . Jim Jackson – Old Dog Blue (3.04) . Texas Blues – Black Snake Moan (2.56) . Sammy Price – I Love To Georgia Brown So Slow (3.01) .


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