This week In Male Balladeers 16/52

Warren Zevon, Richie Havens, Bob Dylan, Dr John, Louis Prima, Tom Waits, Robert Smith, Iggy Pop, Muddy Waters, Lloyd Cole, Tony Bennett, Sufjan Stevens

They are the Male Balladeers selected among the 319 Posts we publish this week.

Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!


This week In Male Balladeers 16/52


1 . Warren Zevon . Excitable Boy

Lifted from : Warren Zevon performs in New-Jersey (1980)

2 . Richie Havens . Going Back To My The Roots

Lifted from : We remember Richie Havens. ‘Stairway To Havens’

3 . Bob Dylan . I Believe In You

Lifted from : Bob Dylan is in Toronto (1980)

4 . Dr. John . Tipitina

Lifted from : Atco Records release ‘Dr. John’s Gumbo,’ his fifth album featuring ‘Iko Iko’ (1972)

5 . Louis Prima . Just A Gigolo . I Ain’t Go Nobody (w/ Keely Smith)

Lifted from : Louis Prima records ‘The Wildest!’ the album featuring ‘Just A Gigolo’ at Capitol Studios (1956)

6 . Tom Waits . Hold On

Lifted from : Anti release the first Tom Waits in six years . ‘Mule Variations’ (1999)

7 . Robert Smith . The Only One (w/ The Cure)

Lifted from : For Robert Smith’s (Happy) Birthday, let’s have . ‘The Cure At Their Bests’ post

8 . Iggy Pop . James Bond

Lifted from : Happy Birthday Iggy Pop. ‘Most For Life’

9 . Muddy Waters . Long Distance Call

Lifted from : Chess release Muddy Waters’s only all-acoustic album . ‘Folk Singer’ (1964)

10 . Lloyd Cole . Why I Love Country Music

Lifted from : Lloyd Cole sings in Amsterdam (2011)

11 . Tony Bennett . If I Ruled The World

Lifted from : Tony Bennett releases ‘If I Ruled the World: Songs for the Jet Set,’ an album arranged by Don Costa (1965)

12 . Sufjan Stevens . Visions of Gideon

Lifted from : On radio today, Sufjan Stevens at ‘Live From Here’ (2018)


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