Warner Bros publish Lianne La Havas second studio album : ‘Blood’ (2015)

Lianne La Havas’ ‘Blood’ is her second studio album released on July 31, 2015 by Warner Bros

Track Listing : 1.Unstoppable (Lianne La Havas,Paul Epworth) – 05:29 . 2.Green & Gold (Lianne La Havas,Jamie Lidell,Matt Hales) – 04:38 . 3.What You Don’T Do (Matt Hales,Sam Dew) – 03:41 . 4.Tokyo (Lianne La Havas,Matt Hales) – 4:29 . 5.Wonderful (Lianne La Havas,Matt Hales,Howard Lawrence) – 04:16 . 6.Midnight (Lianne La Havas,Stephen Mcgregor,Shea Taylor,Sam Dew) – 03:30 . 7.Grow (Lianne La Havas,Mark Batson) – 03:39 . 8.Ghost (Lianne La Havas,Matt Hales) – 03:44 . 9.Never Get Enough (Lianne La Havas,Mark Batson) – 03:22 . 10.Good Goodbye (Lianne La Havas,Matt Hales) – 03:49

Musicians :

Production : Produced By Lianne La Havas,Stephen Mcgregor,Paul Epworth,Mark Batson,Jamie Lidell,Matt Hales

Recorded 2013–15.

Released On July 31, 2015 By Warner Bros..


She has a penchant for adventure, and her risks pay off here; her talent doesn’t just lie in her ability to hit all the right notes with perfect timbre, but in the way she manages to play off her production and corner her own voice into moments of danger. […]

Rolling Stone
Many will attribute the change to Prince — La Havas performed with him on his last album and on SNL — but for all the low end, these grooves are almost untouched by funk. Her music remains her own […]

Tracks flow into one another with the fluidity and serenity of rain into a freshwater pond—light, refreshing, natural. But there is substance moving here, weight in the currents. […]


Lianne La Havas’s ‘Blood’


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