Virgin Records release Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells’ (1973)

Mike Oldfield‘s ‘Tubular Bells’ is his first album recorded when he was 19 and released on May 25 ,1973 by Virgin Records.


Virgin Records release Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells’ (1973)

1 . Tubular Bells (Live)

2 . Tubular Bells

3 . Tubular Bells (Montreux, 1981)

Track Listing : 1.Tubular Bells, Pt. 1 (Mike Oldfield) – 25:36 . 2.Tubular Bells, Pt. 2 (Mike Oldfield) – 23:20

Musicians : Mike Oldfield – Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Farfisa, Hammond B3, Lowrey Organs, Flageolet, Fuzz Guitars, Glockenspiel, Honky Tonk Piano, Mandolin, Piano, Percussion, Taped Motor Drive Amplifier Organ Chord, Timpani, Vocals, Tubular Bells. . Steve Broughton – Drums . Lindsay L. Cooper – String Bass . Jon Field – Flutes . Mundy Ellis – Vocals . Sally Oldfield – Vocals . Vivian Stanshall – Master Of Ceremonies . Simon Heyworth – Choir . Tom Newman – Choir

Production : Produced By Tom Newman, Simon Heyworth, Mike Oldfield . Simon Heyworth – Engineer,Mastering . Tom Newman – Engineer

Package : Trevor Key – Artwork

Recorded Autumn 1972 – Spring 1973 At The Manor, Oxfordshire, England.

Released On May 25, 1973 By Virgin.

(Source Mike Oldfield ‘s ‘Tubular Bells’ | Mike Oldfield Official)


The Guardian
How we made: Richard Branson and Mike Oldfield on Tubular Bellsubular Bells had been in my head for ages. I made the original demo in a flat in Tottenham, on an old tape machine lent to me by [Soft Machine‘s] Kevin Ayers. I played organ, bass, electric guitar and two little percussion toys. […]

Throughout the album, the tempos range from soft to intense to utterly surprising, making for some excellent musical culminations. Mandolins and Spanish guitars are joined by grinding organs and keyboards, while oddball bells and cranking noises resound in the distance. […]

A rich chocolate pudding, perhaps topped with your favourite flavour of fudge. Indeed, there is no reason not to compare Tubular Bells to a rich chocolate pudding topped with some sort of delicious, non-fattening fudge. […]


Mike Oldfield ‘s ‘Tubular Bells’


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