Openings (and Closings)

From ‘Open Your Eyes You Can Fly’ to ‘Open Up The Doghouse’ , we have mixed 19 ‘Jazz and Latin‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Openings (and Closings)‘. It has Joanie Sommers, Dean Martin, Paulo Fresu, Richard Galliano & Jan Landgren, Lyn Paul and many more.

IMAGE : Walking Through a Door Photo by Rennett Stowe

Ed van der Meulen : The door could be open and also closed and even locked. That’s our formal logic as well. Only the possibilities of closed and open? But now this : First, can the door only in states open and closed? What is the door when it is locked? Extra locked? Extra closed? Locked is sometimes better than closed. There is a difference.

Oystein Sevag : Øystein was born near Oslo, Norway in 1957, beginning piano lessons at age five. As a teen he played bass in a rock band but returned to his classical roots in time to study piano, flute and composition at a private Music Conservatory in Oslo; by the 1980s, however, Sevåg had become fascinated by the possibilities offered by the development of the synthesizer, : Comprised of vibraphonist Dirk Richter and guitarist Randall Crissman, Vibes Alive’s music is a blanket of calmness that relaxes every body part and applies comfort to any prickly emotions. Special guests such as pianist/keyboardist Jeff Lorber, percussionist Luis Conte, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, bassist Jimmy Johnson, saxophonist/flutist Gary Meek, and trumpeter Bob Summers perform on the recording and add to the overall placid aura of the songs.

Flora Purim : Blue Note artist Duke Pearson was the first American musician to invite Flora to sing alongside him on stage and on record. She then toured with Gil Evans about whom she says, this guy has changed my life. He gave us a lot of support to do the craziest stuff.

BluesNet : Clarence Williams was both an artist and an entrepreneur. Highly energetic and adept at all sides of the music business from writing, publishing, and performing to managing other artists, he worked with the most famous early female blues singer, Bessie Smith. The songs he wrote were popular across the United States; some of his compositions in the Dixieland style have become classics.

BlackCat Rockabilly Europe : McVea picked up “Open the Door, Richard” from comedian Dusty Fletcher when the two were touring together on the chitlin circuit. It was a well-known vaudeville routine in black theatres, which McVea developed into a song. Writing credit went to four people : Dusty Fletcher and John Mason (words), Jack McVea and Don Howell (music). [Actually, Don Howell didn’t exist, the publisher got an extra slice.] T : Elena Burke’s career as a soloist began in 1958, visiting Europe to participate in the Cannes Festival and in other important events. Since her first individual performances, her contralto voice, one of the most beautiful of Cuban music, turned her into a true legend.It is impossible to describe the history of the Feeling Movement, of the New Cuban Trova or the renovation of son without mentioning Elena

Global Music Network : 1994 was a banner year for Guy Barker. He played trumpet and acted as MD for the Hermeto Pascoal Orchestra on their UK tour; won the award as Best Trumpeter at the British Jazz Awards; worked with the new Tommy Smith group, led by the Scottish saxophonist; and formed his own international quintet.

PLAYLIST : Flora Purim – Open Your Eyes You Can Fly (4.31) . Lyn Paul – Behind Closed Doors (3.54) . Little Milton – Open the Door to Your Heart (4.00) . Francy Boland & Kenny Clarke Big Band – Open Door (4.10) . Horace Silver – Won’t You Open Up Your Senses (3.50) . James Cotton – You Got My Nose Open (4.20) . Frank Mantis – Open Up (2.26) . Oystein Sevag – The Door Is Open (5.18) . Joanie Sommers – I’ll Close My Eyes (2.19) . Paulo Fresu, Richard Galliano & Jan Landgren – Open Your Mind (4.01) . Gal Costa – Janelas Abertas (3.55) . Jack McVea – Open The Door, Richard! (3.00) . Funkee Boy – Close the door (5.07) . Dean Martin – The Door Is Still Open To My Heart (2.12) . Clarence Williams – Close Fit Blues (3.04) . Beratrice Binotti – Gaisolas abertas (3.21) . Guy Barker – Close Your Eyes (4.34) . Nat King Cole – Open Up The Doghouse (2.25) . Elena Burke – Llegaste a mi cuerpo abierto (4.23) .


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