Eddie Harris & Les McCann Trio record ‘Swiss Movement’ at The Montreux Jazz Festival (1969)

‘Swiss Movement’ by Eddie Harris & Les McCann Trio is a live album recorded on June 21, 1969 at The Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and released in 1969 By Atlantic

Track Listing : 1.Compared To What (Gene Mcdaniels) – 08:41 . 2.Cold Duck Time (Eddie Harris) – 06:31 . 3.Kathleen’S Theme (Les Mccann) – 05:45 . 4.You Got It In Your Soulness (Les Mccann) – 07:08 . 5.The Generation Gap (Les Mccann) – 08:45

Musicians : Les Mccann – Piano, Vocals On (1) . Eddie Harris – Tenor Saxophone . Benny Bailey – Trumpet . Leroy Vinnegar – Bass . Donald Dean – Drums

Production : Produced By Nesuhi Ertegün, Bob Emmer Pierre Grandjean – Engineer

Package : Ira Friedlander – Design . Giuseppe Pino – Photography

Recorded On June 21, 1969 At The Montreux Jazz Festival In Switzerland.

Released In 1969 By Atlantic.

(Source ‘Swiss Movement’ by Eddie Harris & Les McCann Trio | The Official Website of Eddie Harris)

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As the music builds, Eddie Harris enters in the background with a warm up riff that’s more hard bop than soul jazz, eventually settling down to a two-note oscillation as the rest of the combo ramps up the volume, then a single BAM! on the snare (a sound that will become an important punctuation point in the verses) and the music settles into an easy groove while Les leans into the mike: […]

The session (on the last night of the festival) was a truly impromptu event – this particular line up had never played together before and at least half of the group had no idea what material they were going to play as they took the stage! […]

bnoring @ RateYourMusic
Wow I couldn’t believe how many albums Les Mcann has out! My wife picked this album up for 50 cents at a garage sale and I’d have to say she got a pretty good deal. Something like a cross between Miles Davis and James Brown. […]


‘Swiss Movement’ by Eddie Harris & Les McCann Trio


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