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Led Zeppelin release their fifth album : ‘Houses of the Holy’…

Led Zeppelin’s ‘Houses of the Holy’ is their fifth studio album (the first with only self composed material) produced by Jimmy Page and released on March 28, 1973 by Atlantic Records. Track Listing : 1.The Song Remains The Same (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 05:32 . 2.The Rain Song (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 07:39 […]

Singing (and Playing) Led Zeppelin

To Celebrate John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin bassist, whose birthday is today – Happy Birthday BTW – we have selected various artists who have covered famous Led Zeppelin songs. They are Razer, Slash, Alpha Blondy, Karen O, Temple Of The Dog, Alabama Shakes, Alice in Chains, Heart, Steve Vai, Zepparella, Dave Grohl, Warren Haynes, Foo […]