Mix falsetto, Radioheadish ambiance plus a twist of arabica and what you get is Tamino’s ‘Amir’ ‘Amir, toujours l’Amir!’

Tamino’s ‘Amir’ is his debut album recorded with Radiohead’s bassist Colin Greenwood on two songs and Nagham Zikrayat, an Arabic orchestra and released on October 26, 2018 by Communion


Drowned In Sound
Drawing on his Egyptian heritage and the Western pop his mother played to him as a child, his songs are languid, emotionally-heavy life studies that ….. […]

On stage, Tamino often plays his grandfather’s Resonator guitar, gifted to him after he discovered it in a cupboard during a visit to his grandmother. […]

Evening Standard
Jeff Buckley’s name has been thrown around in his vicinity too, but he’s different enough to climb out from under the heavyweight comparisons. […]


Tamino – Amir


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