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Trombone Slide Show : If hurried, the trombone tends to take on a flustered, indignant sound. If attempts are made to break away from its long, purring sounds and deep sonorities, it can become slurred, spluttery, like a far-gone drunk. Albert Mangelsdorff, who has died aged 76, allowed nothing to block his determination to expand this awkward instrument’s eloquence.

Trombone Page of the World : Also in the 70s Frank Rosolino played in Med Flory ‘s band, Supersax and with Quincy Jones A brilliant technician with a precisely articulated attacking style, Rosolino was one of the finest trombonists of his time and one of few practitioners on the instrument to adapt fully to bebop.

Bob Brookmeyer : Bob Brookmeyer has an unusually varied and extensive background in all forms of improvised and composed music. He was born December 19, 1929, attended Kansas City Conservatory of Music where he won the Carl Busch Prize for Choral Composition.

Wikipedia : Frode Thingnæs was kapellmeister at Norway’s most famous revue theater, Chat Noir in 1960. On the pop music scene he made contributions over a period to Popol Ace. He conducted the Norwegian Radio Orchestra. Together with Philip Kruse he wrote the music for the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest entries “Hvor er du?” (1974, English title “The First Day of Love”) and “Mata Hari” (1976), both performed by his former wife, Anne-Karine Strøm.

Answers : Raul de Barros, a trombone virtuoso, is an important part of Brazilian music. His classic composition “Na Glória” is still very popular, and he recorded 48 albums during his career. : For more than 60 years, Severino Araújo has been the conductor, arranger, clarinetist, and leader of the Orquestra Tabajara, the most important dance orchestra in Brazil. It is a native version of the Glenn Miller big band (and also doubles clarinet and sax) that plays music from all over the world with a Brazilian swing.

The Voodoo Trombone Quartet : Formed in 2004 by producer, record collector and multi instrumentalist, Paul Thorpe, the band’s first tracks were made freely available on the net as supposedly ‘rediscovered’ originals.

The Red Hot Jazz Archive : Kid Ory was the greatest trombone player in the early years of Jazz. ….Perhaps his (original) banjo playing helped shape the “tailgate” style of playing he later developed on the trombone. In the “tailgate” style, the trombone plays a rhythmic line underneath the trumpets and cornets.

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