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ABC : Ruby Hunter was eight years old when she was taken from her Aboriginal family in South Australia and fostered by a white family, while Archie Roach was three years old when he was taken from his family.

Neil Murray : The Warumpi Band originated in the Aboriginal settlement of Papunya in the central desert region of the Northern Territory in the early eighties. The band’s name derives from the honey-ant dreaming site located near the settlement of Papunya which is 260 ks west of Alice Springs.

Christine Anu on MySpace : Christine Anu is an Australian household name, and her signature song “My Island Home” will resonate in the hearts of Australians for all time.

Kev Carmody : Carmody’s initial inspiration came from a truly rural, oral tradition. Both his Irish father and Murri mother came from powerful oral traditions. Carmody still talks about the stories and songs he was told and taught by his Murri grandparents and his extended Murri family of uncles, aunts and cousins.

Wikipedia : Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu was born on Elcho Island, off the coast of Arnhem Land, Northern Australia about 350 miles from Darwin. He is from the Gumatj clan of the Yolngu and his mother from the Galpu nation. He was born blind, has never learned Braille and does not have a guide dog or use a white cane. Yunupingu speaks only a few words of English, and is said to be acutely shy.

Creative Spirits : Nokturnl’s songs were featured in the AFI award-winning film Radiance and in Yolngu Boy. The peculiar spelling of the name as “NoKTuRNL” was introduced “to make it a little bit more unique”.

Yothu Yindi : Yothu Yindi hail from the Yolngu (Aboriginal) homelands on the north-east coast of Australia’s Northern Territory, a country the Yolngu have occupied and protected for perhaps 40,000 years or more.

Pigram Brothers : The Pigram Brothers are a seven-piece country folk/rock band from the pearling town of Broome, Western Australia. Their original music captures Broome’s and the Kimberley’s Saltwater Spirit and Country.