The Beach Boys’ ‘Holland’ feat. ‘Sail On, Sailor’

The Beach Boys‘ ‘Holland’ feat. ‘Sail On, Sailor’ is their nineteenth studio album, so titled since it was recorded mostly in the Netherlands during the summer 1972 and released on January 8, 1973 by Reprise.

Track Listing : 1.Sail On, Sailor (Brian Wilson, Tandyn Almer, Ray Kennedy, Jack Rieley, Van Dyke Parks) – 03:19 . 2.Steamboat (Dennis Wilson, Jack Rieley) – 04:33 . 3.California Saga: Big Sur (Mike Love) – 02:56 . 4.California Saga: The Beaks Of Eagles (Robinson Jeffers, Al Jardine, Lynda Jardine) – 03:49 . 5.California Saga: California (Al Jardine) – 03:21 . 6.The Trader (Carl Wilson, Jack Rieley) – 05:04 . 7.Leaving This Town (Ricky Fataar, Blondie Chaplin, Carl Wilson) – 05:49 . 8.Only With You (Dennis Wilson, Mike Love) – 02:59 . 9.Funky Pretty (Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Jack Rieley) – 04:09

Musicians : The Beach Boys – Band . Blondie Chaplin – Lead Vocals On (1 – 7 – 9) . Carl Wilson – Lead Vocals On (2 – 6 – 8 – 9), Guitar, Keyboards . Dennis Wilson – Lead Vocals On (2) . Mike Love – Lead Vocals On (3 – 4 – 5 – 9) . Al Jardine – Lead Vocals On (4 – 9) . Brian Wilson – Lead Vocals On (5), Keyboards . Ricky Fataar – Lead Vocals On (7 – 9)

Production : Produced By The Beach Boys . Rob Fraboni – Engineer . Stephen Moffitt – Engineer . John Parks – Engineer

Recorded June 3–October 9, 1972 At Bbc 2 Studio, Baambrugge, Utrecht, Netherlands; Village Recorders, California.

Released On January 8, 1973 By Reprise.

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10 Underrated Beach Boys LPs: HollandThe eloquently descriptive lyrics feel like they’re telling the locals about home with a glint in their eye and a wistful gaze into the distance, and it’s so supremely catchy that they’re probably looking for flights as I write this (er…even if the timing doesn’t quite work out…). […]

Having traveled thousands of miles to record the album, the best known song on Holland would be recorded in the USA and added as a late addition. “Sail On Sailor” featured a Blondie Chaplin lead vocal in what may have been his finest hour as a Beach Boy. […]

Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
Mike nearly ruins it with a cheesy, musically incompetent, eco-nostalgic, three-track mini-concept album (“California Saga”), and one of the better tracks (Carl’s “Trader”) is spoiled by self-righteous, politically correct lyrics. […]


The Beach Boys‘ ‘Holland’ feat. ‘Sail On, Sailor’ M



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