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This day (August 8, 1975), in Gary, Indiana, died Julian Cannonball Adderley, a jazz alto saxophonist.


Wikipedia : This day (August 8, 1975), in Gary, Indiana, died Julian Cannonball Adderley, a jazz alto saxophonist.

Julian Cannonball Adderley : While a knack for interpreting funky crossover material such as Zawinul’s Mercy, Mercy, Mercy won the Adderley quintet one of the jazz world’s largest audiences, Cannonball’s personality also played a pivotal role in sustaining the band’s prominence among fans worldwide. He was the most articulate and engaging of musicians,and he invariably educated his listeners with wry commentary that illuminated the music. He was also a voracious listener and talent scout who introduced several prominent musicians through both employing them in his ensemble and serving as a studio record producer. Cannonball was the one who called Wes Montgomery to the attention of Riverside Records, produced the debut recording of Chuck Mangione, and collaborated so brilliantly with a young Nancy Wilson. The open, affirmative personality he displayed on stage was reflected in his music, which over time was touched by the subtle eloquence of his former boss Miles Davis and the exploratory intensity of his Davis colleague John Coltrane.

Julian Cannonball Adderley@allmusic : One of the great alto saxophonists, Cannonball Adderley had an exuberant and happy sound that communicated immediately to listeners. His intelligent presentation of his music (often explaining what he and his musicians were going to play) helped make him one of the most popular of all jazzmen.

Julian Cannonball : Julian Edwin “Cannonball” Adderley, originally from Tampa, Florida, was a jazz alto saxophonist, playing with Miles Davis and other greats, and leading his own band (which included his brother Nat Adderley) – the Cannonball Adderley Quintet (which was occasionally a sextet – being called “The Cannonball Adderley Quintet Plus”). He was also a high school band director at Dillard High School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for some years. The name ‘Canonball’ is supposed to have originated from his being nicknamed ‘cannibal’ in his youth, on account of his prodigious eating.

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