Eric Clapton’s ‘Backless’

Eric Clapton‘s ‘Backless’ is his sixth studio album produced by Glyn Johns and released in November 1978 by Polydor.

Track Listing : 1.Walk Out In The Rain (Bob Dylan, Helena Springs) – 04:16 . 2.Watch Out For Lucy (Eric Clapton) – 03:26 . 3.I’Ll Make Love To You Anytime (J. J. Cale) – 03:23 . 4.Roll It (Eric Clapton, Marcy Levy) – 03:42 . 5.Tell Me That You Love Me (Eric Clapton) – 03:31 . 6.If I Don’T Be There By Morning (Dylan, Springs) – 04:38 . 7.Early In The Morning (Traditional Arranged By Eric Clapton) – 07:58 . 8.Promises (Richard Feldman, Roger Linn) – 03:04 . 9.Golden Ring (Eric Clapton) – 03:32 . 10.Tulsa Time (Danny Flowers) – 03:28

Musicians : Eric Clapton – Guitars, Vocals . Dick Sims – Keyboards . Marcy Levy – Vocals . George Terry – Guitar . Carl Radle – Bass Guitar, Vocals . Jamie Oldaker – Drums, Percussion, Vocals . Benny Gallagher – Backing Vocals On (9) . Graham Lyle – Backing Vocals On (9)

Production : Produced By Glyn Johns . Jon Astley – Assistant Engineer . Glyn Johns – Engineer

Package : Kenneth Carroll – Typography . Rob Fraboni – Photography . Andy Seymour – Photography . David Stewart – Art Direction

Recorded In 1978.

Released In November 1978 By Polydor.

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Eric Clapton


Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
Clapton was trying to be a little more gritty this time around by throwing in more heavy blues numbers like the nearly eight-minute “Early In The Morning” ….. But it’s a bore, because his ever-worsening, snootily academic, Delta-obsessed approach to the blues snuffs out the fun factor. […]

Rolling Stone
Eric Clapton is, after all, a blues-based artist before he’s anything else — even Robert Stigwood couldn’t rewrite history sufficiently to deny that. And for all of you still holding out for something bigger (or better). […]
It’s a problem with ‘Backless‘ you see. Eric, guitar god? It could almost be anybody playing guitar on this album. Well, any one of a huge number of talented session musicians, at least. ‘Backless‘ is not at all distinctive – although in its favour, it does share the easy going and easy to appreciate nature of ‘Slowhand’. […]


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