Father John Misty’s ‘God’s Favorite Customer’ is about death, diamonds, dumbness and duh! heartbreak. Father! Oh Father! we have an Elton for the new age

Father John Misty’ s ‘God’s Favorite Customer’ is Josh Tillman a.k.a. FJM’s fourth studio album co-produced with Jonathan Rado and relased on June 1, 2018 by Sub Pop / Bella Union


..it skews close enough to the simpler essentials of classic, poetic pop that, at times, you can imagine Bernie Taupin as co-writer. […]

Entertainment Weekly
If it’s his destiny to be the official soundtrack for all the young dudes cruising… a Randy Newman for the Instagram age […]

“I was living in a hotel for two months. It’s kind of about… yeah… misadventure….” […]


Father John Misty – God’s Favorite Customer


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