The Floacist – Rise of the Phoenix Mermaid

Released in March 2014, “Rise of the Phoenix Mermaid” is the third solo album by English singer Natalie Stewart, a.k.a. The Floacist.

Track Listing : 1.Feel Good (Chris Davis, Natalie Stewart) – 04:11 . 2.Try Something New (I Do) (Chris Davis, Natalie Stewart) – 06:33 . 3.Doing This (Chris Davis, Eric “Booty” Greene, Natalie Stewart) – 04:31 . 4.If You Really Wanna Know (Chris Davis, Natalie Stewart) – 04:14 . 5.Heat It Up (Dami “Damention” Adeoye, Ishod Bullens, Chris Davis, Demi Mseleku, Natalie Stewart) – 04:51 . 6.On It (Chris Davis, Eric “Booty” Greene, Natalie Stewart) – 04:22 . 7.Grandma (Chris Davis, Natalie Stewart) – 04:48 . 8.Good Love (Chris Davis, Eric “Booty” Greene, Natalie Stewart) – 04:36 . 9.Wisest Thing (Chris Davis, Natalie Stewart) – 03:54 . 10.Broken Heart (Chris Davis, Natalie Stewart) – 04:21 . 11.Omi O! (Chris Davis, Demi Mseleku, Natalie Stewart) – 04:35 . 12.Womyn (Chris Davis, Natalie Stewart) – 05:09 . 13.Mami Loves You (Chris Davis, Natalie Stewart) – 05:31

Musicians : The Floacist – Artist . Natalie Stewart – Vocals, Vocals (Background) . Chris “Big Dog” Davis – Instrumentation . Rohn Lawrence – Guitar . Ace Livingston – Bass . Timmy Maia – Vocals (Background) . Jerry Brunson – Vocals (Background) . Dawn Tallman – Vocals (Background) . Jake Benjamin Issac – Vocals (Background) . Demi Mseleku – Spoken Word, Vocals (Background)

Production : Produced By Chris “Big Dog” Davis

Package : Lorien Babajian – Package Design . Shannon Brown – Design . Phylicia Ghee – Creative Director, Photography . Jordan Matthews – Design

Recorded 2013.

Released On March 18, 2014 By Shanachie.

(Source The Floacist @ Facebook)



Soul Tracks
Stewart righty concluded that the latter scenario is closer to the truth and stuck to a genre that she helped refine, is true to her principals and also has the advantage of making her distinctive.
Although most times her experimentation works (Grandma), there are times when it falters and you wonder if the track would perhaps fit better on another album altogether. Aside from those few missteps, the Floacist’s third album is a highly enjoyable journey from start to finish.

Still aligned with Chris “Big Dog” Davis, who played all but one guitar line and one bassline and produced it all, Stewart stretches out across 13 tracks of introspection, romantic contentment and strife, sisterhood, and motherhood. It’s all positive and empowered reflection, expressed through Stewart’s mostly whispery recitations and singing.




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