Sire publish ‘Tom Tom Club,’ their first self-titled album featuring ‘Wordy Rappinghood’ (1981)

‘Tom Tom Club’ feat. ‘Wordy Rappinghood’ is their first eponymous album released on June 23, 1981 by Sire.

Track Listing : 1.Wordy Rappinghood (Tom Tom Club) – 06:27 . 2.Genius Of Love (Tom Tom Club) – 05:34 . 3.Tom Tom Theme (Tom Tom Club) – 01:24 . 4.L’Elephant (Tom Tom Club) – 04:51 . 5.As Above, So Below (Tom Tom Club) – 05:22 . 6.Lorelei (Tom Tom Club) – 05:05 . 7.On, On, On, On… (Tom Tom Club) – 03:33 . 8.Booming And Zooming (Tom Tom Club) – 04:35 . 9.Under The Boardwalk (Kenny Young, Arthur Resnick) – 05:46

James Rizzi

Musicians : Chris Frantz – Drums . Tina Weymouth – Bass, Vocals . Adrian Belew – Guitar . Monte Browne – Guitar . Tyrone Downie – Keyboards . Uziah “Sticky” Thompson – Percussion . Lani Weymouth – Vocals . Laura Weymouth – Vocals . Loric Weymouth – Vocals

Production : Produced By Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth, Steven Stanley . Steven Stanley – Engineer . Benji Armbrister – Engineer . Kendal Stubbs – Engineer

Package : James Rizzi asterisques RVM – Cover Art

Recorded November 1980–April 1981.

Released On June 23, 1981 By Sire.

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This album, a collection of funky, sprightly little tunes recorded in Barbados with Weymouth’s sisters, hubbie and drummer Chris Frantzand … […]

Robert Christgau
Vaguely annoyed by “Wordy Rappinghood”‘s arch, prolix postverbalism, I resisted this record until the “Genius of Love” signature, already the basis of two rap covers, caught up with me in a club in Queens. […]

Funky Jeff
That and the sick and a little sad irony of the lyrics that wraps it up as a nice and quirky, almost subversive, plus the enjoyable groove, masquerading as new wave meets hip-hop meets disco meets electro. […]


‘Tom Tom Club’ feat. ‘Wordy Rappinghood’ M



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