Featuring Felix “Pupi” Legarreta . Antonio Agri . Sur . Travadinha . Maria Bárbara . Hassan Sharara . Emad Hamdy . Alfredo De La Fe . Tola Claudio . Rosita Poche . Arete Guazu . Violinista . Peteco Carabajal . Corazón Verdugo . Nestor Garnica . El Violinero Del Tiempo . Los Changos . El Diablo De Los Bombos .

MusicMuse : Irany Pinto was a violinist from Rio de Janeiro that made part of the group of musicians hired by Paulo Tapajós to be part of the Radio Nacional cast during the 40s and the 50s.In 1956 Odeon Records hired him to record a series of albums named “Irany e Seu Conjunto/ Samba em Surdina”

Keep Swinging : Hernán Oliva definitely belongs to the great swing violinists, and his recorded work with Alemán remains highlights of his career. Unfortunately, Oliva and Alemán stopped their cooporation in 1943 due to an incompatibility of temper, and they only recorded once more together in 1954 at a concert arranged by the Hot Club de Buenos Aires.

Alfredo De La Fe : In 1983, Alfredo is contracted to play in Colombia for three weeks and decides to live in that beautiful country.

Pepanito : He was born in Cienfuegos, the birthplace of a number of prominent charanga musicians such as Rolando Lozano, Rafael Lay and Efraín Loyola. He started his musical career in Cuba in the early 1950s when he was still a teenager, and played with some of the island’s most famous musicians.

ToTango : Elvino Vardaro doesn’t have a big name now, but, he keeps popping up seemingly everywhere in tango music history – including as a member of Piazzolla’s quinteto Nuevo Tango at the end of a long career of influence. Elvino was the main session man of his day on his instrument, but also lead with great success.

Daniella Thompson. : In a recent column in Gafieiras, Ricardo Tacioli evoked the legendary Trio Surdina—that fabulous fraternity made up of the guitarist Garoto, the violinist Fafá Lemos, and the accordionist Chiquinho. It was Paulo Tapajós, the singer and artistic director of Rádio Nacional, who grouped the three aces in 1951 to play in the late-night program Música em Surdina (Music on the Quiet). Before long, the trio, taking its name from the program, began releasing albums on Nilo Sérgio’s Musidisc label.

Answers : Antonio Travadinha (born Antonio Vincente Lopes) was a master of the old-time music of the Cape Verde Islands. Accompanying himself on violin, viola, cavaquinho, and guitar, and joined by additional guitarists and percussionists, Travadinha gave voice to the traditional momas (poetic songs of lost love and separation.)

Antonio Agri on MySpace : Music critic Julio Nudler of the Buenos Aires daily Pagina/12 reflected that “Connoisseurs enjoy the profound tango flavor that he achieved hitting the violin with his bow, and if they had ever seen him playing, could listen to his records and picture his challenging posture, his chest sticking out and his legs firmly on the dais.”

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