In Mariah Carey’s vocabulary ‘GTFO’ and ‘A No No’ are just words of ‘Caution’

Mariah Carey's "Caution" is her fifteenth studio album featuring rappers Ty Dolla Sign, Gunna, Slick Rick and Blood Orange and released on November 16, 2018 by Epic Records

Mariah Carey

Rolling Stone

....the majority of the tracks are kiss-offs aimed at those who have doubted her or left her scorned....


don't mean to be rude, but take your shit and leave. It's called "GTFO," but it's quintessential Mariah DGAF. Entertainment Weekly

And on her 15th studio album, the breezy, pleasingly defiant Caution, she finds a freshness that’s been missing from her recent material.

Mariah Carey - Caution


Mariah Carey 's 'Daydream' is her fifth studio album co-written and co-produced by Walter Afanasieff, released on October 3, 1995, by

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