‘Starring Sammy Davis, Jr.’ is his debut album recorded for Decca (1955)

‘Starring Sammy Davis, Jr.’ is his debut studio album recorded on April 18, 1955 and released the same year by Decca.


‘Starring Sammy Davis, Jr.’ is his debut album recorded for Decca (1955)

1 . Lonesome Road (w/ Roy Clark)

2 . Hey There (Live)

3 . Hey There (1954)

4 . Hey There / This Is My Beloved

5 . Because Of You (Impersonations)

6 . My Funny Valentine (Live)

7 . My Funny Valentine

8 . Birth Of The Blues (1984, MDA Telethon)

9 . The Birth Of The Blues

Track Listing : 1.The Lonesome Road (Gene Austin, Nathaniel Shilkret) – 02:10 . 2.Hey There (Richard Adler, Jerry Ross) – 02:48 . 3.And This Is My Beloved (Robert C. Wright, George Forrest) – 02:52 . 4.September Song (Maxwell Anderson, Kurt Weill) – 02:51 . 5.Because Of You (Arthur Hammerstein, Dudley Wilkinson) – 05:28 . 6.Easy To Love (Cole Porter) – 02:24 . 7.Glad To Be Unhappy (Lorenz Hart, Richard Rodgers) – 03:05 . 8.Stan’ Up An’ Fight (Georges Bizet, Hammerstein) – 04:09 . 9.My Funny Valentine (Lorenz Hart, Richard Rodgers) – 03:07 . 10.Spoken For (Mickey Rooney) – 02:56 . 11.Birth Of The Blues (Lew Brown, Buddy Desylva, Ray Henderson) – 05:14

Musicians : Sammy Davis, Jr. – Vocals . Joseph Gershenson – Conductor, Orchestra Leader . Sy Oliver – Arranger

Production : Produced By Sammy Davis, Jr.

Recorded On April 18, 1955.

Released In 1955 By Decca.


The album thus succeeded in giving the listener a sense of what Davis was like in live performanceand that, coupled with his ascending celebrity, resulted in a number-one chart placing for the LP. […]

The best of the tracks are those recorded in the June session when Davis was paired with Sy Oliver the ex-Tommy Dorsey arranger who provided Sammy with a chart topping record with his cover of Hey There, the hit song from the Broadway musical Pyjama Game. […]

Dr. Progresso Reviews
Davis’ first album, Starring Sammy Davis, Jr., released in 1955, demonstrated much of his act, including his impressions of others. “Dad said to me, ‘You can’t do impersonations of a white person.’ He really believed that.” Davis did notand his view was confirmed when his album went to No. 1. That same year, no doubt impelled by the success of Davis’ first album, Decca recorded and released a second, Just For Lovers. It contained no impressions – just Davis as himself. It went to No. 5 […]


‘Starring Sammy Davis, Jr.’


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