Jazzin’Around Besame Mucho

Starting and ending with Consuelo Velázquez's composition 'Besame Mucho', we have mixed 18 'linked together by a clue that you have to guess' tunes around the theme of 'Consuelo Velázquez'. It has Lucho Gatica, Pamela Luss, Nat King Cole, Gloria Lasso and many more.

Dave Douglas – High Risk

Released in June 2015, "High Risk" is album by trumpeter Dave Douglas with Shigeto (DJ), Jonathan Maron and Mark Guiliana

Dave Douglas - High Risk


High Risk is not so much an album of jazz augmented by electronic instrumentation, but an album performed by players that are very conscious of and interested in electronic music. It's not just Saginaw dithering with a laptop, but also Guiliana mimicking delay trails on his kit or emulating the oddball swing of chopped and spliced rhythms


The entirely improvised tracks on High Risk are gorgeously loose and in the moment, a mélange of what the album dubs "electro-acoustic" jams with Douglas' lithe trumpet framed by Shigeto's atmospheric, layered electronics. All About Jazz

Douglas brings his own thoughts and processes to…

Three Concerts with Eric Gale

Legendary Jazz and R&B guitarist, Eric Gale, who died today twenty-eight years ago has been from the sixties on, a "top session musician"....