Luther Vandross releases his third album : ‘Busy Body’ co-produced with Marcus Miller (1983)

Luther Vandross 'Busy Body' is his third studio album co-produced with Marcus Miller and released on November 25, 1983.1 . How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (w/ Dionne Warwick ) 2 . How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (w/ Dionne Warwick, 1985) 3 . Superstar / Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do) 4 . Superstar (Wembley) Track Listing : 1.I Wanted Your Love (Luther Vandross, Marcus…

Marcus Miller and Mike Stern attend a German festival (2003)

November 12, 2003 - Marcus Miller and his Group - that is Roger Byam (s), Michael "Patches" Stewart (tp), Dean Brown (g), Bruce Flowers (kb) & Poogie Bell (d); Mike Stern and his Group - that is Alain Caron (b), Lionel Cordew (d) & Bob Franceschini (s) - and Scott Henderson (g) with Kirk Covington (d, voc) are billed at Leverkusener Jazztage in Leverkusen, Germany

Marcus Miller plays at ‘Leverkusener Jazztage’ (2015)

November 11, 2015 - the Marcus Miller "Afrodeezia" tour is with Adam Agati (g), Brett Williams (kb), Mark Kees Hill (tp), Alex Han (as, ss), Mino Cinelu (perc) and Alex Bailey (d) at "Leverkusener Jazztage Forum" in Leverkusen, Germany

Marcus Miller goes to Georgia (2013)

October 28, 2014 - Marcus Miller's "The Renaissance tour" - with Alex Han (s), Lee Hogans (tp), Adam Agati (g), Brett Williams (p) & Robert Searight (d) - stops at "Tbilisi Jazz festival" in Tbilisi , Georgia

Wayne Shorter records ‘High Life’ produced by Marcus Miller for Verve (1995)

Wayne Shorter's 'High Life' is an album produced by Marcus Miller and released on October 17, 1995 by Verve.Track Listing : 1.Children Of The Night (Wayne Shorter) - 07:23 . 2.At The Fair (Wayne Shorter) - 07:29 . 3.Maya (Wayne Shorter) - 05:12 . 4.On The Milky Way Express (Wayne Shorter) - 05:35 . 5.Pandora Awakened (Wayne Shorter) - 06:20 . 6.Virgo Rising (Wayne Shorter) - 06:46 . 7.High Life…

Epic publish Luther Vandross’ fifth album : ‘Give Me the Reason’ co-produced with Marcus Miller (1986)

Luther Vandross 'Give Me the Reason' is his fifth studio album released on September 19, 1986 By Epic.1 . Stop To Love 2 . Stop To Love (Wembley) 3 . So Amazing 4 . Give Me The Reason 5 . Give Me The Reason (Wembley) 6 . There's Nothing Better Than Love (w/ Gregory Hines) Track Listing : 1.Stop To Love (Luther Vandross, Nat Adderley, Jr.) - 05:19 . 2.See Me (Luther Vandross, Marcus Miller) -…

George Duke, Marcus Miller & David Sanborn meet in Tokyo (2011)

September 4, 2011 - DMS - that is George Duke, Marcus Miller, David Sanborn - will be on stage at "Tokyo Jazz Festival" in Japan<img src='//' alt='Marcus Miller - Marcus Imperator' width='190' height='161'/><img src='//'…

Concord publish George Benson’s ‘Songs and Stories’ produced with Marcus Miller (2009)

George Benson's 'Songs and Stories' is a studio album co-produced with Marcus Miller and released on August 25, 2009 by Concord.1 . Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (w/ Marcus Miller) 2 . Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (2013, Jazz Fest) 3 . The George Benson Sessions: The Making Of Songs And Stories: Living In High Definition Track listing : 1.Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (James Taylor) - 03:48…

Marcus Miller performs at Tokyo jazz (2005)

August 21, 2005 - Marcus Miller (b, voc) plus Keith Anderson (s), Poggie Bell (d), Dean Brown (g), Bobby Sparks (kb) and Patches Stewart (tp) perform at "Tokyo Jazz 2005" inTokyo Big Sight, Japan

Marcus Miller jazzifies Brooklyn (2018)

August 9, 2018 - Marcus Miller plus Chantae Cann (voc), Alex Bailey (d), Alex Han (s), Marquis Hill (tp) and Brett Williams (b) plays at the BAM R&B Festival at MetroTech in Brooklyn, NY

Marcus Miller plays in Marciac (2012)

August 5, 2012 - Marcus Miller and his band - that is Louis Cato (d), Sean Jones (tp), Kris Bowers (kb), Alex Han (s)and Adam Agati (g) - perform at "Jazz in Marciac," France

Marcus Miller & Lalah Hathaway meet in Tokyo (1991)

July 30, 1991 - Marcus Miller (b), Lalah Hathaway (Voc), Joe Sample (p), Philippe Saisse (kb), Dean Brown (g), Everette Harp (s), Michael Stewart (tp), Poogie Bell (d), Steve Thornton (perc), Stacy Campbell (Voc), Jeffrey Ramsey (Voc) and Sharone Young (Voc) share the stage at Open Theater "East of Yomiuri Land" in Tokyo, Japan

Marcus Miller plays at Montreux Jazz (2013)

July 21, 2013 - for his yearly visit, Marcus Miller brings Alex Han (s), Sean Jones (tp), Adam Agati (g), Brett Williams (kb) and Louis Cato (d) at "Montreux Jazz Festival" in Switzerland

Marcus Miller Band stands in for Amy (2007)

July 15, 2007 - Amy Winehouse having decided to cancel her show because of exhaustion, Marcus Miller and a few friends - that is Roy Hargrove (tp), Keith Anderson (ts), Candy Dulfer (as), Gregoire Maret (harmo), Michael Patches Stewart (tp), Bobby Sparks (kb), Dean Brown (g), Poogie Bell (d) and DJ Logic (turntbl)- will replace her at "North Sea Jazz Festival" in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Marcus Miller attends Montreux Jazz Festival (2005)

July 14, 2005 - Marcus Miller is with Bobby Starks II (kb), Keith Anderson (s), Michael "Patches" Stewart (tp), Dean Brown (g), Poogie Bell (d) and Gregoire Maret (harm) at "Montreux Jazz Festival" in Switzerland

Marcus Miller headlines a Swiss Festival (2019)

July 6, 2019 - The "Laid Black" tour with Marcus Miller (b, b cl), Alex Han (as), Russell Gunn (tp), James Francies (kb), Julian Pollack (kb) and Alex Bailey (d) stops at “Estival Jazz” on Piazza della Riforma in Lugano, Switzerland

Happy Birthday Marcus Miller. ‘Marcus Imperator’

This day (June 14, 1959), in Brooklyn, New York, is born Marcus Miller, an American bass player, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist.Tracklist : 1 . Trip Trap & Bitches Brew (2020) 2 . Laid Black (2019) 3 . w/ Kinga Glyck - Blast (2018) 4 . w/ Tom Ibarra - Tutu (2016) 5 . Solo (2013) 6 . Tightrope (2012) 7 . Blast (2008) 8 . Jean Pierre (2008) 9 . Come Together (2007) 10 . Bruce Lee…

Concord Jazz publish Marcus Miller’s ‘Renaissance,’ his nineteenth album (2012)

Marcus Miller's 'Renaissance' is his nineteenth studio album released on May 28, 2012 by Concord Jazz. Track Listing : 1.Detroit (Marcus Miller ) - 05:45 . 2.Redemption (Marcus Miller ) - 06:09 . 3.February (Marcus Miller ) - 04:15 . 4.Slippin' Into Darkness (Sylvester Allen, Harold Ray Brown, Morris Dewayne Dickerson, Leroy Jordan, Charles Miller, Lee Oskar, Howard E. Scott ) - 09:17 . 5.Setembro…

Warner Bros. publish Miles Davis’ ‘Amandla,’ his third (and final) collaboration with Marcus Miller (1989)

Miles Davis' 'Amandla' is his third (and final) collaboration with Marcus Miller, released on May 18, 1989 by Warner Bros.Track Listing : 1.Catémbe (Marcus Miller) - 05:35 . 2.Cobra (George Duke) – 5:15 . 3.Big Time (Marcus Miller) - 05:40 . 4.Hannibal (Marcus Miller) - 05:49 . 5.Jo-Jo (Marcus Miller) - 04:51 . 6.Amandla (Marcus Miller) - 05:20 . 7.Jilli (John Bigham) – 5:05 . 8.Mr. Pastorius…