The Police are back … in Tokyo (2008)

<img src='// Police-Live-Tokyo-Dome-2008-HD.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>August 5, 2008 - back in action, The The Police will rock at Tokyo Dome, Japan

The Police synchronize Montreal (1983)

<img src='// Police-synchronize-Montreal-1983.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>August 2, 1983 - The The Police 's "Synchronicity" Tour stops at Le Spectrum in Montreal, Canada

The Police reform in Gateshead (1982)

<img src='// Police-Gateshead-England-July-31-1982.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>July 31, 1982 - The Police will certainly deliver their biggest hits at the International Stadium in Gateshead, England

The Beat open for The Police in Gateshead (1982)

<img src='// Police-in-Gateshead-1982.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>July 31, 1982 - ska English band The Beat will open for The at the International Stadium in Gateshead, England

As we wish a Happy Birthday to Stewart Copeland, the day is perfect for a ‘The Police At their best’ page

As we wish, today, American drummer, Stewart Copeland a Happy 70th Birthday, the time has come to playlist the 'BESTS' of his Police : The PoliceVideo Tracklist : 1 . Every Breath You Take 2 . Roxanne 3 . Message In A Bottle 4 . Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic 5 . Don't Stand So Close To Me 6 . De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da 7 . Walking On The Moon 8 . Wrapped Around Your Finger 9 . Can't Stand…

The Police raid Madrid (2008)

<img src='// Police-reunites-in-Madrid-2008.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>July 5, 2008 - The The Police are back together to perform at Ciudad de Rock in Madrid, Spain

The Police ‘Hard Rock’ in Hyde Park (2008)

<img src='// Police-Hard-Rocks-Hyde-Park-2009.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>June 29, 2008 - The The Police will play in the afternoon at "Hard Rock Calling" held at Hyde Park in London

The Police reunites for Amnesty (1986)

<img src='// Police-Full-Concert-06.15.86-Giants-Stad.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>June 15, 1986 - The Police reunites for a benefit concert on behalf of Amnesty International at the Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ

The Police release ‘Synchronicity,’ their fifth and final album featuring ‘Every Breath You Take’ (1983)

The Police's 'Synchronicity' is their fifth, final and most popular studio album co-produced with Hugh Padgham and released on June 1, 1983 by A&M.1 . Synchronicity Live in Usa 2 . Walking In Your Footsteps (Oakland 1983) 3 . Walking in your footsteps 4 . O, My God (Oakland '83) 5 . O, My God 6 . Synchronicity II 7 . Synchronicity II (Montreal '83) 8 . Every Breath You Take (Official Video)…

Parlophone release Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer,’ their third album featuring ‘Paranoid Android’ and ‘Karma Police’ (1997)

Radiohead's 'OK Computer' is their third (and first self-produced with Nigel Godrich) studio album released on May 21, 1997 by Parlophone.Track Listing : 1.Airbag (Radiohead) - 04:44 . 2.Paranoid Android (Radiohead) - 06:23 . 3.Subterranean Homesick Alien (Radiohead) - 04:27 . 4.Exit Music (For A Film) (Radiohead) - 04:24 . 5.Let Down (Radiohead) - 04:59 . 6.Karma The Police (Radiohead) -…

Pearl Jam covers The Police, then Sting drops by (2016)

<img src='// Police-Then-Sting-drops-by-2016.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>May 2, 2016 - expect a few guests during Pearl Jam's second night at Madison Square Garden in New-York City

Sting sings old Police songs and new songs (2017)

<img src='// Police-songs-and-new-songs-2017.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>February 25, 2017 - Sting, his musicians, his son and more will give a concert at The Fillmore Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach, Florida

BBC tapes Police at an English college (1979)

<img src='// Police-at-a-college-1979.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>February 21, 1979 - BBC program "Rock Goes To College" is going to record young band The The Police whose first album "Outlandos d'Amour" reached No. 6 in the UK Albums Chart last year, during their concert at Hatfield Polytechnic in Hatfield, Hertfordshire

The Police come back to raid Tokyo (2008)

<img src='// Police-comes-back-to-raid-Tokyo-2008.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>February 13, 2008 - The (reformed) The Police will be on stage at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan

Don Kirshner tapes Police (1980)

<img src='// Police-1980.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>February 6, 1980 - NBC "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" program will tape young English band The Police during their concert at Aquarius Theater, Hollywood, CA

On TV today, The Police at ‘Rockpalast’ (1980)

<img src='// Police-Live-at-the-Rockpalast-Hamburg-Markthalle-January-11-1980.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>January 11, 1980 - The Police performs at Markthalle in Hamburg, Germany. The concert will be filmed by WDR for their "Rockpalast" program.

The Police patrol Wembley (1983)

<img src='// Police-Wembley-12-31-83.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>December 31, 1983 - if in you are in London, you can go to The Police's New Years Eve Concert at Wembley Stadium

The Clash release their fourth album : ‘Sandinista!’ featuring ‘Police On My Back and ‘The Magnificent Seven’ (1980)

The Clash's 'Sandinista!' is their fourth studio album co-produced with Mikey Dread and released on December 12, 1980 by CBS Records.Track Listing : 1.The Magnificent Seven (The Clash) - 05:28 . 2.Hitsville Uk (The Clash) - 04:20 . 3.Junco Partner (Anonymous) - 04:53 . 4.Ivan Meets G.I. Joe (The Clash) - 03:05 . 5.The Leader (The Clash) - 01:41 . 6.Something About England (The Clash) - 03:42 .…

The (reunited) Police travel to Rio (2007)

<img src='// Police-travel-to-Rio-2007.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>December 8, 2007 - all the orginal members of The The Police will be on stage for the "Reunion Tour" stop at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Police raids New-Jersey (1980)

<img src='// Police-Full-Concert-11.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>November 29, 1980 - The Police gives a concert at Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ

The Police raid Mexico City (1980)

<img src='// Police-raid-Mexico-1980.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>, 1980 - The The Police "Zenyatta Mondatta" tour stops at Salón Mexica, WTC in Mexico City, Mexico

The Police release their debut album : ‘Outlandos d’Amour’ featuring ‘Roxanne,’ ‘Can’t Stand Losing You’ and ‘So Lonely’ (1978)

The The Police's 'Outlandos d'Amour' feat. 'Roxanne' is their debut album released on November 2, 1978 by A&M.Track Listing : 1.Next To You (Sting) - 02:50 . 2.So Lonely (Sting) - 04:49 . 3.Roxanne (Sting) - 03:12 . 4.Hole In My Life (Sting) - 04:52 . 5.Peanuts (Sting, Stewart Copeland) - 03:58 . 1.Can'T Stand Losing You (Sting) - 02:58 . 2.Truth Hits Everybody (Sting) - 02:53 . 3.Born…

The Police are reunited in New York (2007)

<img src='// Police-are-reunited-in-New-York-2007.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>November 2, 2007 - the third leg of "The The Police Reunion Tour" opens at Madison Square Garden in New York City

German TV tapes The Police (1980)

<img src='// Police-1980.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>October 18, 1980 - German channel WDR program "Rockpalast" will tape The The Police during their concert at Grugahalle in Essen, Germany

The Police release their third album : ‘Zenyatta Mondatta’ featuring ‘Don’t Stand So Close to Me’ and ‘De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da’ (1980)

The The Police's 'Zenyatta Mondatta' is their third album, released on October 3, 1980 by A&M.Track Listing : 1.Don'T Stand So Close To Me (Sting) - 04:04 . 2.Driven To Tears (Sting) - 03:20 . 3.When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What'S Still Around (Sting) - 03:38 . 4.Canary In A Coalmine (Sting) - 02:26 . 5.Voices Inside My Head (Sting) - 03:53 . 6.Bombs Away (Stewart…

The Police release ‘Ghost in the Machine,’ their fourth album featuring ‘Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic’ and ‘Spirits in the Material World’ (1981)

The The Police's 'Ghost in the Machine' (a name inspired by Arthur Koestlers book) is their fourth album released on October 2, 1981 by A&M.Track Listing : 1.Spirits In The Material World (Sting) - 02:59 . 2.Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Sting) - 04:22 . 3.Invisible Sun (Sting) - 03:44 . 4.Hungry For You (J'Aurais Toujours Faim De Toi) (Sting) - 02:52 . 5.Demolition Man (Sting) -…

The Police release ‘Reggatta de Blanc,’ their second album featuring ‘Message in a Bottle’ and ‘Walking on the Moon’ (1979)

The The Police's 'Reggatta de Blanc' is their second (featuring 'Message in a Bottle' and 'Walking on the Moon') album released on October 2, 1979 by A&M.Track Listing : 1.Message In A Bottle (Sting) - 04:51 . 2.Reggatta De Blanc (Andy Summers, Sting, Stewart Copeland) - 03:06 . 3.It'S Alright For You (Sting, Stewart Copeland) - 03:13 . 4.Bring On The Night (Sting) - 04:15 . 5.Deathwish…

On TV today, The Police guest with Elvis Costello (2009)

<img src='// Police-guest-with-Elvis-Costello-2009.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>October 1, 2009 - if in England or Canada, do not miss The The Police guesting at "Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…" on Channel 4 or CTV

The Police come back to California (1983)

<img src='// Police-Murder-By-Numbers-Live-in-Oakland-10th-sept-1983.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>September 10, 1983 - The Police's "Synchronicity Tour" stops at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, CA

Eric, Pete, Jeff et al have a ball with ‘The Secret Policeman’ (1981)

<img src='// Policeman-1981.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>September 9, 1981 - The Police, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Donovan, Bob Geldof and Johnny Fingers, Tom Robinson, Pete Townshend and more. They all take part in "The Secret The Policeman's Other Ball," a benefit concert for…

The Police patrol a Dutch city (1979)

<img src='// Police-patrol-a-Dutch-city-1979.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>September 7, 1979 - The The Police play at Sporthal de Vliegermolen in Voorburg, Holland

The Police raid in the south of France (1980)

<img src='// Police-raid-in-the-south-of-France-1980.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>August 28, 1980 - The The Police play at Arenes de Frejus in Frejus, France

Police raids Sting’s wedding (1992)

<img src='// Police-raids-Stings-Wedding-1992.jpg' alt='' class='image_product'/>August 22, 1992 - Sting gets married and (the rumour says) he would join his ex-colleagues to perform a few The Police songs

N.W.A. release their debut album : ‘Straight Outta Compton’ (1988)

N.W.A.'s 'Straight Outta Compton' is their debut studio album produced by Dr. Dre with DJ Yella and released August 8, 1988 by Ruthless Records.1 . Straight Outta Compton (Official Video) 2 . Express Yourself 3 . Dopeman (Houston, 1989) Track Listing : 1.Straight Outta Compton (Ice Cube, Mc Ren, The D.O.C., Eazy-E) - 04:18 . {Samples : "Funky Drummer" By James Brown; "You'Ll Like It Too" By…

This week In ’80s Throwback’ 31/52

Herbie Hancock, U2, Madonna, Liza Minnelli, Bette Midler, The Beat, Pat Benatar, Kate Bush, Greg Kihn, The Police, Elton John, Elvis Costello & The Attractions

This week In ’90s Throwback’ 30/52

Macy Gray, Terence Trent D'Arby / Sananda Maitreya, Jamiroquai, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, DJ Jazzy Jeff, The Fresh Prince, Ice Cube, Kid Rock, Metallica, Limp Bizkit, The Smashing Pumpkins, Morrissey