Island publish Burning Spear’s third album : ‘Marcus Garvey’ (1975)

Burning Spear’s ‘Marcus Garvey’ is his third album named after the Jamaican National Hero and Rastafari movement prophet and released on December 12, 1975 by Island Records.

Track Listing : 1.Marcus Garvey (Winston Rodney, Phillip Fullwood) – 03:27 . 2.Slavery Days (Winston Rodney, Phillip Fullwood) – 03:34 . 3.The Invasion (Winston Rodney, Carl Paisley, Phillip Fullwood) — 3:22 . 4.Live Good (Marcus Rodney, Mackba Rodney, Winston Rodney) — 3:14 . 5.Give Me (Winston Rodney) — 3:11 . 6.Old Marcus Garvey (Winston Rodney, Phillip Fullwood) – 04:03 . 7.Tradition (Delroy Hines, Rupert Willington, Winston Rodney) — 3:30 . 8.Jordan River (Winston Rodney, M. Lawrence, Phillip Fullwood) — 3:00 . 9.Red, Gold & Green (A. Folkes, Winston Rodney, Phillip Fullwood) — 3:14 . 10.Resting Place (Winston Rodney) — 3:10

Musicians : Delroy Hines – Harmony Vocals . Rupert Willington – Harmony Vocals . The Black Disciples – Band . Bobby Ellis – Trumpet . Vincent “Trommie” Gordon – Trombone, Clavinet . Carlton “Sam” Samuels – Flute . Herman Marquis – Alto Saxophone . Richard “Dirty Harry” Hall – Tenor Saxophone . Tyrone “Organ D” Downie – Piano, Organ . Bernard “Touter” Harvey – Piano, Organ, Clavinet . Earl “Chinna” Smith – Lead Guitar . Valentine “Tony” Chin – Rhythm Guitar . Robbie “Rabbi” Shakespeare – Bass . Aston “Family Man” Barrett – Bass . Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace – Drums

Production : Produced By Lawrence Lindo

Recorded 1975.

Released On December 12, 1975 By Island Records.


Marcus Garvey hit Jamaica like a force ten gale, its legacy so great that in later years many fans mistakenly came to believe it was Burning Spear‘s debut album (it wasn’t, two earlier records were released by Studio One). It made an instant hero of Winston Rodneyand the album remains a cornerstone of the entire roots movement. […]

Even beyond its classic opening title-track, the album concerns itself with the political thinker’s legacy throughout, though often from an abstracted perspective. Nevertheless, the Garvey presence is all-pervading […]

If you don’t already own a copy of Marcus Garvey and have even a passing interest in roots reggae, you should be praising Jah for this latest repackaging. You owe it to yourself to pick this up this wonderfully contradictory and endlessly listenable album and see what you’ve been missing all these years. […]


Burning Spear’s ‘Marcus Garvey’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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