Cecil Taylor and Max Roach record together ‘Historic Concerts’ at the Columbia University, NYC (1979)

‘Historic Concerts’ by Cecil Taylor & Max Roach is a live album recorded on December 15, 1979 at the McMillin Theatre, Columbia University, NYC and released in 1984 by Soul Note.

Track Listing : 1.Presentation – 1:06 . 2.Drums Solo (Max Roach) – 05:02 . 3.Piano Solo (Cecil Taylor) – 05:04 . 4.Duets, Part 1 (Cecil Taylor & Max Roach) – 40:04 . 5.Duets, Part 2 (Cecil Taylor & Max Roach) – 38:32 . 6.Interviews, Part 1 – 09:36 . 7.Interviews, Part 2 – 07:14

Musicians : Cecil Taylor – Piano . Max Roach – Drums

Production : Produced By Bill Goldberg Peter Kuhn – Engineer

Package : Lee Jeske – Liner Notes . Jerome Cooper – Liner Notes

Recorded On December 15, 1979 At The Mcmillin Theatre, Columbia University, Nyc.

Released In 1984 By Soul Note.

(Source Cecil Taylor and Max Roach – Historic Concerts | Cecil Taylor @ Wikipedia)

Cecil Taylor & Max Roach on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]’ />


Diffrent Perspectives In My Room..!
They might as well have been from different countries, different languages with only two things in common. First, was their mutual love for improvised music. Secondand most important, was the left/right combination of technical proficiency and open-mindedness. […]

nervenet @ RateYourMusic
But if you’re a fan, this will be a(nother) dazzling display of his music and Roach proves himself well able to find a space within Cecil’s world and mark out his own territory, even if the precise mathematical subdivisions of the beat that I associate with Roach are largely absent in a music that has no fixed meter to divide. […]

The passionate music is quite atonal but coherent, with Taylor displaying an impressive amount of energy and the two masters (who had not rehearsed or ever played together before) communicating pretty well. […]


‘Historic Concerts’ by Cecil Taylor & Max Roach on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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