Columbia release ‘The Chicago Transit Authority,’ their debut album (1969)

‘The Chicago Transit Authority’ is the eponymous debut album (of a band that will later change its name to Chicago) released on April 28, 1969 by Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.Introduction (Terry Kath) – 06:35 . 2.Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (Robert Lamm) – 04:35 . 3.Beginnings (Robert Lamm) – 07:54 . 4.Questions 67 And 68 (Robert Lamm) – 05:03 . 5.Listen (Robert Lamm) – 03:22 . 6.Poem 58 (Robert Lamm) – 08:35 . 7.Free Form Guitar (Terry Kath) – 06:47 . 8.South California Purples (Robert Lamm) – 06:11 . 9.I ‘M A Man (Steve Winwood/ Jimmy Miller) – 07:43 . 10.Prologue, August 29, 1968 (James William Guercio) – 00:58 . 11.Someday (August 29, 1968) (James Pankow, Robert Lamm) – 04:11 . 12.Liberation (James Pankow) – 14:38

Musicians : The Chicago Transit Authority – Band . Peter Cetera – Bass, Vocals . Terry Kath – Guitar, Vocals . Robert Lamm – Keyboard, Vocals . Lee Loughnane – Trumpet, Vocals, Claves . James Pankow – Trombone, Cowbell . Walter Parazaider – Woodwinds, Vocals, Tambourine, Shaker . Danny Seraphine – Drums

Production : Produced By James William Guercio . Fred Catero – Engineer

Package : Hugh Brown – Photography . Nick Fasciano – Cover Art . James William Guercio – Liner Notes . Maria Villar – Art Direction . David Wild – Liner Notes

Recorded January 27–30, 1969 At Columbia Recording Studios New York.

Released On April 28, 1969 By Columbia.


Album Cover Gallery
Chicago Cover GalleryIn its forty-year journey from trailblazing Blood, Sweat and Tears-style horn-led jazz-rock to corn-fed MOR gravy and then on into… well, into perpetuation for its own sake, Chicago have kept alive a remarkably strong brand identity. […]

A very impressive debut it was too. Chicago leap from the traps kicking buttock like they mean business. It is obvious that this band was well organised and preceded their recording debut by playing lots of gigs. They are crisp, sharp, together and playing off each other. It is music-making of high standard, confident, brash and assertive. […]

Few debut albums can boast as consistently solid an effort as the self-titled Chicago Transit Authority. Even fewer can claim to have enough material to fill out a double-disc affair. Although this long- player was ultimately the septet’s first national exposure, the group was far from the proverbial “overnight sensation.” […]


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