Daddy It’s Warm Inside

From ‘Warm December’ to ‘You Got To Feed The Fire’ , we have mixed 17 ‘Jazz Ladies‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Warmth, Fire and “Daddies”‘. It has Eliane Elias, Patricia Barber, Melody Gardot, Julie London and many more.

IMAGE : Pa and the Chilluns Photo by Harry Alverson

Stephanie Mills @ Wilson&Alroy’s: Stephanie Mills first reached the limelight playing Dorothy in the Broadway show The Wiz in 1972 at the ripe old age of 15, and that’s probably still what she’s best known for. She had her biggest chart success during the last days of disco, under the stewardship of James Mtume and Reggie Lucas, and since then has recorded with a large number of producers in a variety of styles, with varying success. She doesn’t have the most distinctive or dramatic voice, and almost never writes her own material, but she has a lot of stylistic range and sounds comfortable in any setting.

Trixie Smith @ Red Hot Jazz : In 1922 Smith made her first recordings for the Black Swan label and later that year she won a blues singing contest in New York sponsored by the White dance team of Vernon and Irene Castle, beating out Lucille Hegamin and some other lesser known singers with her song “Trixie’s Blues”. Smith is best remembered today for the excellent Jazz bands that accompanied her on her records. The records were often released under the name of Trixie Smith and her Down Home Syncopators, which was usually either Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra or the White group The Original Memphis Five.

Ann Peebles @ Wikipedia : Peebles has been sampled by many hip hop artists, in particular RZA and the Wu-Tang Clan. Furthermore her track “I Can’t Stand The Rain” was first covered by Patrice Banks of Graham Central Station on the 1975 release of Ain’t No ‘Bout A Doubt It album and has also been utilized as a sample by the hip hop duo Reflection Eternal (a collaborative group comprising conscious hip hop artist Talib Kweli, and producer Hi-Tek) for their song “Memories Live” on their debut album Train Of Thought

Marike Jager : In the summer of 2005, Marike records her first album The Beauty Around. It was released on 15 May 2006, on her own record label, Morning Coffee Records. It is distributed by V2Records. The debut lives up to everyone’s expectations. Marike is awarded the Essent Award for young musical talent, and the album spends many weeks in the charts. She supports the Canadian artist Feist when on tour in Holland. Feist leaves her a personal message: ‘It was very inspiring to share the stage with you.’

Erma Franklin @ Blues Music Now : During a recent appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the hostess asked Erma Franklin, “What is it like to be the sister of Aretha?” Before Erma could answer, her sister, Aretha interjected, “Erma is her own woman!”

Kay Starr : Kay Starr has always considered herself a “saloon singer” who told a story with each song, and is critically recognized for the power and emotion of her singing style. Long respected by the jazz community, and considered a favorite and influence by many of yesterday and today’s greats, Kay is truly a gifted and unique performer who has made a success of every musical genre she has tackled.

Marylin Scott : To paraphrase from the title of a vintage jazz ballad, “It Was a Beautiful Three Days in August,” when singer/songwriter Marilyn Scott fulfilled her long-held dream of recording an acoustic jazz album in New York City the way the legends used to do it – with the singer and musicians all cutting and working out arrangements together in the studio. Christened Every Time We Say Goodbye, the album is a dreamy throwback to a purer aesthetic that marks the 30th anniversary of Ms. Scott’s impressively eclectic recording career – one in which she has successfully sung soul, pop, smooth jazz, adult contemporary and music for motion pictures.

Ruth Brown : The incomparable Ruth Brown, whose musical legacy was matched by her fight for royalty reform for herself and other R&B Artists, passed away on November 17, 2006 in a Las Vegas area hospital from complications following a stroke and heart attack. Howell Begle, longtime friend and legal representative made the announcement for the family.

PLAYLIST : Julie London – Warm December (1.52) . Jim Tomlinson & Stacey Kent – My Heart Belongs To Daddy (3.36) . Eliane Elias – I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (2.58) . Joannie Summer – Daddy (1.43) . Mary Dixon – Daddy, You’ve Got Everything (2.45) . Caterina Valente – Kiss Of Fire (3.13) . Marylin Scott – I Got What My Daddy Likes (2.36) . Melody Gardot – Quiet Fire (4.05) . Patricia Barber – The Fire (4.43) . Kay Starr (feat. Dave Cavanaugh’s Music) – Steady Daddy (2.26) . Marike Jager – Keep Me Warm (3.02) . Trixie Smith – My Daddy Rocks Me (2.51) . Erma Franklin – Light My Fire (2.32) . Ruth Brown – Daddy Daddy (2.45) . Stephanie Mills – Feel The Fire (4.52) . Dinah Washington – Go Pretty Daddy (2.20) . Ann Peebles – You Got To Feed The Fire (2.12) .


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