Donny McCaslin’s ‘Beyond Now’

Donny McCaslin’s ‘Beyond Now’ is his twelfth studio album as a band leader, released on October 14, 2016 and featuring two songs by David Bowie with whom McCaslin collaborated on ‘Black Star’

Track Listing : 1.Shake Loose (Donny Mccaslin) – 07:14 . 2.A Small Plot Of Land (David Bowie) – 06:24 . 3.Beyond Now (Donny Mccaslin) – 07:52 . 4.Coelacanth 1 (Donny Mccaslin) – 04:52 . 5.Bright Abyss (Donny Mccaslin) – 08:51 . 6.Faceplant (Donny Mccaslin) – 04:04 . 7.Warszawa (David Bowie) – 08:40 . 8.Glory(Donny Mccaslin) – 08:11 . 9.Remain Mutemath) – 06:48

Musicians : Donny Mccaslin – Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone . David Binney – Synthesizer, Vocals (Background) . Mark Guiliana – Drums . Tim Lefevbre – Bass . Jason Lindner – Keyboards . Nate Wood – Guitar

Production : Produced By David Binney . Mike Marciano – Engineer . Nate Wood – Mastering

Released On October 14, 2016 By Motema.


The Guardian
The experience of creating music with Bowie proved so deep, and its aftermath so jarring, that McCaslin decided to turn his new album, Beyond Now, out 14 October, into a tribute. It includes several transformative covers of Bowie songs, including Warszawa from Low, and A Small Plot of Land from Outside, along with a song McCaslin wrote inspired by a piece Bowie left off Blackstar. […]

The title track for Beyond Now opens with a bass line, over which the theme is introduced. This theme is worked, re-worked and improvised around right through the number and is a gentle, lilting song which leads into a story told in musical pictures. […]

Ottawa Citizen
I’m especially impressed by McCaslin because he’s truly found a singular way to fit his already formidable, high-energy playing and rugged sound into the pounding, rocking context of what Lindner, Lefebvre and Guiliana do. The four of them going full-force are simply unbeatable. […]


Donny McCaslin’s ‘Beyond Now’


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