Jackie McLean records ‘New Soil’ with trumpeter Donald Byrd (1959)

Jackie McLean’s ‘New Soil’ is an album recorded on May 2, 1959 with Donald Byrd on trumpet and released rhe same year by Blue Note. .

Track Listing : 1.Hip Strut (Jackie Mclean) – 11:20 . 2.Minor Apprehension (Jackie Mclean) – 07:34 . 3.Greasy (Walter Davis Jr.) – 07:25 . 4.Sweet Cakes (Walter Davis Jr.) – 06:46 . 5.Davis Cup (Walter Davis Jr.) – 05:26

Musicians : Jackie Mclean – Alto Saxophone . Donald Byrd – Trumpet . Walter Davis Jr. – Piano . Paul Chambers – Bass . Pete Laroca – Drums

Production : Produced By Alfred Lion Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer

Package : Joe Goldberg – Liner Notes

Recorded On May 2, 1959 At Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, Nj.

Released In 1959 By Blue Note.

Jackie McLean


All About Jazz
At this time, McLean was still feeling his way between Charlie Parker idolatry and finding his own sound. He’s about half way there on this date, even as he admits his stylistic debt to his master in the liner notes. […]

They’re subtle, of courseand nowhere near as pronounced as they would be in just a few years’ time, but — as with the 1959 material later issued on Jackie’s Bag — hints of Ornette Coleman‘s stream-of-consciousness melodic freedom are beginning to find their way into McLean’s improvisations. […]

KildareJohn @ RateYourMusic
it’s only little flaw being a feeling that McLean is a somewhat periphery figure here, busting a gut to get himself onboard. It’s a shame, as he can hold his own among high flyers. […]


Jackie McLean’s ‘New Soil’


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